Free Frosty Weekend At Wendy's! Really!

See the attached notice on the Wendy’s website:

Just go to any Wendy’s this coming weekend and say, “Free Frosty” and maybe the word “please”.

No other purchase necessary.

C’mon, I just can’t be the only one connecting fingers and chili and frozen desserts.

Am I?


Well, I think I know where my softball team will be heading this Sunday after the game. On our way to Hooters.

Woo Hoo! Mrs. AG’s in for a special Date Night!

Let’s think up some Marketing for the promotion!

[James Bond Soundtrack] Collllllllld FINGer [/JBS]


“No purchase necessary”, riiiiiiiiight. :rolleyes: Like you can even enjoy a Frosty without fries to dip in there.

This is a joke, right? RIGHT?!?!

Ya know, a barfing smilie would really hit the spot…

Nope. You must have missed this thread. I’m not alone. :slight_smile:

It’s old, so you probably shouldn’t post.

I prefer dipping my fries in vanilla … but that’s probably only because I’ve never tried it with chocolate …

I know where I’m going for lunch on Friday. :slight_smile:

My son works nights at Wendy’s. When I shared this new with him he was positively distraught.

news :smack:

Eh, they’re the size of a shot glass.

Yeah, yeah, I know, they’re free—they’re just the size of a shot glass is all. :slight_smile:

In other words, “two fingers of Frosty, coming up!”

One finger short of a lawsuit.

Sorry for the announcement, but if you saw the picture on the Wendy’s thread, it sure looked like a full sized cup…then again, we have all been tricked by pictures of full sized cups on the intenet, but that is a different story.

It was their “Junior” (kid-sized) cup, but free is free, and I had no troubles getting two yesterday.

I just wonder how long it took them to mobilize this promo - They’d have to contact the manufacturer of the Frosty mix to kick up production and get the extra mix and cups to the stores.