Vanilla Frosty? Why Wasn't I Notified?

Apparently, Wendy’s now has their frosty in vanilla. Now as a fan of the Frosty and as a fan of vanilla in genmeral I must say I am miffed - miffed, I say! - at not being told about this earlier. And now I am on a diet and cannot enjoy one fo these treats!

Cruelty thy name is Wendy’s!

We hoped you wouldn’t find out. We don’t want to share.

Tried one. Eh. Like the vanilla ice cream you get at McDonalds, only icier. :frowning: Y’ain’t missing much.

Now, those new Wendy Melts, now you’re talkin… :slight_smile:

Though does it actually taste like vanilla?

'Coz I don’t know about you guys, but I swear that the chocolate frosty doesn’t taste like chocolate. At all.

It tastes… weird and un-chocolaty.

It just tastes like soft serve, but a little creamier and not as icy.

The trick is to drink half of a regular-sized Coke (God, those things are huge), pick out the ice, then tip the vanilla Frosty into it. Mmm…

Uh. I had both. Couldn’t really tell the difference. I wasn’t sure a frosty was supposed to be chocolate!

The Frosty wasn’t broke, why did they feel the need to fix it?

What’s the deal with the giant-sized drinks now at Wendy’s? Small is 20 oz, Medium is 32 oz, and Large is 44 oz. Hey, folks, a GALLON is 64 oz… Sheesh!!!

Oh the new vanilla milkshake is pure Scrumulescence!

They got smashed Oreos to put in the Vanilla Frosty’s? MMMMMMMM… bet it’s still not as good as a DQ Blizzard though.

While I agree with you on drink sizes, a gallon is actually 128 oz. A 2-liter bottle is 67.6 oz, though.

I second this. Try it with the Dr. Pepper or Pibb Xtra or whatever they call it. Tasty.

Mine don’t. but that’s only because I eat them as dip for the fries.

Thanks to this thread, I went to Wendy’s at lunch for a vanilla frosty. Just like the chocolate, only less so. But still good. More vanillaey tasting than the chocolate is chocolatey.

But I’m with gigi–the best use of Frosty is as a fry condiment.

Thank you, gigi and Draelin! Whenever I mention the shake+fry combo, I get dirty looks. It’s been a staple of mine since 7th grade. Mmm…I think I’m going to do that tonight.

There’s a little mom and pop ice cream place by me that sells these greasy, salty waffle fries that just hold the ice cream so well … oh, I might have to go there tonight. :slight_smile:

I thought a Frosty was supposed to taste like a malt?

Naw, tastes nothing like a malted.

You Frosty + fries dippers are comforting to me. I was beginning to worry about my son, who dips his fries, and pasta, into his yogurt.