The return of Vanilla Coke!

I can’t believe I’m the only one who’s stoked about this–out grocery shopping last night and as we cruise up to the checkout stand, what do I see in the cooler? Can it be??
I approached with trembling hands and trepidation in my heart. Surely, I thought, this is someone’s idea of a sick joke. Perhaps a bottle of that vile black cherry concoction with a new label.

Turns out, it’s true! I went straight home and had a vodka and Vanilla Coke to celebrate ;).
NajaHusband suggests I fill the garage with cases enough to last through 'til the apocalypse, in case it’s just a momentary respite and it disappears again.
Anyone know the story with this? Is it back to stay or just a periodic resurfacing?

Not only that, they now have vanilla Coke zero. Which is even better than diet vanilla Coke. The Superhero and I were waaaay excited to find it.

Vanilla Coke Zero now fills the small fridge. Just the thing with rum on a hot summer day.

That sounds good. I’ll have to try it.

Just as long as it makes it across to the UK.

Of course, my wife will be ripped if they do not do a Caffine Free version.


Mmmmmmmm! I might have to go back to my coke habit. :wink:

Off to Cafe Society.

I’ll try the vanilla coke zero.

Diet vanilla coke does not taste like something that was made for human consumption. And to be clear: I am not exaggerating for effect. Sometimes I claim “I don’t understand how anyone can drink that” when I just mean I personally find it to taste bad. But in the case of diet vanilla coke, when I say “I don’t understand how anyone can drink that,” I mean the comment utterly seriously and literally.

I really hate diet vanilla coke.

But I’ll try the Zero version. :wink:


I’ll cautiously try the Vanilla Coke Zero. This is a good thing, but the devil’s in the details.

Joy!! I like the diet vanilla coke, but zero is even better. Ah this’ll go very nicely in a tall glass with ice cream.

Vanilla Coke tastes like antiseptic and burning.

I’ve you tried Lemon Pepsi? <shudder> It tastes like Lemon Pledge, and I feel about it as you do regarding Diet Vanilla Coke (which I LURVE).

Haven’t tried the Zero version…but I LOVE Vanilla Coke! MMmm…definitely stoked that they have brought it back.


Ever since developing diabetes, I’ve been resigned to drinking diet sodas. Coke Zero sure is a lot better than the dreck that is Diet Coke. And when I saw that they has a Vanilla Zero, I was in heaven.

What’s the difference?

Yes, at the expensive of my beloved Black Cherry Vanilla Coke. I hate you all.

Coke Zero and variations = Goodness

Diet Coke and variations = Satan’s piss

Coke zero (all versions I’ve tried) tastes far less like aspartame than diet coke. I like diet coke with Splenda, and if they made vanilla coke with splenda I’m sure I’d like it even better than the vanilla coke zero. It’s tasty with rum or vanilla vodka.

I love gross colas, the more unnatural and weird the flavour, the more I love them.

This thread is music to my - uh, tastebuds. Next, you’re gonna tell me they are bringing back Holiday Spice Pepsi this winter.

Well, there is the Diet Pepsi version. It’s not bad.

Hey, that stuff was pretty good, especially with rum.