Free Guinness Bottle Opener Offer

Act fast! It’s first come first served!!

Cool beans! I signed up.:cool:


“Offer not valid to residents of TX and CA.” :mad:

Sure, I signed up. No big deal. I’m just going to take a walk now and maybe glance in my mailbox…

Clever, clever… a very good way to build up a database of people willing to do surveys, etc. (Last part of signing up to get the freebie: notice the checkbox?) Good that you can opt-out and still get your freebie. :smiley:

(Now what am I going to do with a Guinness bottle opener? I have a bottle opener on my mini Leatherman, and a neat-o cabinet mounted one in the kitchen. Also, I don’t drink beer, I use it in cooking. And using Guinness in shepard’s pies… yummy. )

<< It takes a lot of time and money to figure out the best things in life are free. >>

Offer not valid in Alabama. Damn it to hell.

Damn all you other dopers! They’ve plum run out of 'em!


Signed up, didn’t opt out, and I was too late.

They’re all out, so don’t bother.

But I just got my offer in the mail today (snail mail that is)

:mad: :frowning:

Darn, Darn,Darn. I found out about this offer too late. I was trying to get one for my husband. He loves Guinness. (he’s drinking one now) With his birthday coming up, it would have been a great little add-on to his present.:frowning:

Looks like ebay has 'em.

Woohooo it finally came today, I now have my spangly new Guinness opener on my key ring. Thanks for the heads up back in March, Burn. Now I’m sure when all the wimmins see how cool I am that I have a Guinness bottle opener they will offer me immediate sex. :slight_smile:

It has also just occured to me* that It might have been better to start a new thread, than just post to this one cause people who don’t don’t notice the dates, might get misled. Appologies if I got anybodys hope up.

*Someone should do a study on why brain activity increases about a million times in the second after hitting submit, always making me think of things that I will never think of in 10 minutes of proofreading before the submiting.

Got mine yesterday – pretty spiffy, especially since they were supposedly out of them by the time I signed up.

:frowning: Bloody link wouldn’t even work… Prolly wouldn’t ship to the UK anyway :frowning:

Mine came just last night! Woohoo! does the happy dance