My free bottle opener cost $45

But that was the point, wasn’t it? :wink:

Ace Hardware is giving away a free Craftsman bottle opener for the first 50 people who ask for one, June 1st only. I like Craftsman, and I think it’s a nifty (and useful) novelty. I wouldn’t spend eight bucks on one, but I’ll take one free!

Of course, as long as I was at the hardware store I needed to get some ratchet straps, some rope, and a gas container.

I saw the ads for that promo, and I covet your bottle opener. It’s darling!

Yep, the SO is out of town…


It’s a pretty small town where the Ace store is. I wonder if they get 50 people in a day. Big town? You’ll have to get there early!

But I got it for her! :smiley: