Free hosting for web page?

Without going into too many details, is there a good way to setup a memorial site for someone? It would be ideal to allow people to post messages, thoughts, memories pictures without having to have an admin parsing through all that.

I have a home page, but I don’t think that will allow others to post and submit their own thoughts, etc.


There actually seems to be a good amount of places to host a site for free. Typing “free web hosting” into google pulled up a ton. Keep in mind that most of these places will make you stick up an obnoxious banner, or will have some other “gimmick” as a trade off for being free. In terms of a guestbook or something like that, there should be some freeware Javascript that should do the job. Good luck!

If the person has recently passed, and their obit was listed in a major newspaper (or even sometimes a smaller newspaper), the newspaper’s Web site usually has a “memorial” section alongside obits where people can post messages.

Of course…I am guessing in some parts this is a paid service :frowning: But it’s all set up for you.

I also can’t find an example right now. Sorry…

How about a blog? and come to mind.

That’s a good idea. Livejournal is free and will not put ads on your site. Most free webhosting DO put up ads, which would make for a poor testimonial to your friend. “We love you and miss you. Click here to buy viagra.”

Sorry for your loss, p/g.