Free iPod offers... legit?

I’ve read the fine print, etc., and realize that I would have to get approved for a credit card or get some car insurance, etc. My question: I need to get a credit card (just to have) at some point… so what better free gift to get than an iPod? But are these people just going to laugh at me as they run away with my credit information?

If you are “lucky” enough to get the card, you’ll likely be stuck with outrageous interest rates, annual fees, and so forth. These charges will be much higher than the price of a new iPod.

The offer I’ve seen looks legit – it opens you up to a lot of spam, I’m sure, but the “affiliate” offers that you have to complete are from companies like Columbia House, BMG, Citi Cards and so on. I know one person who got a free Photo iPod from the site that’s offering those, but not only do you have to complete one of the offers, you have to get ten friends to do so, as well, and they only get their own iPods when they get ten more friends (who haven’t already signed up themselves) to fulfill offers for them, and so on. It’s a giant pyramid scheme.

I know someone who got an iPod mini (and apparently at least one of his friends has too) in one of these offers. I’ll ask for more details if I get a chance, but this thread will probably be gone before I can. Apparently the idea is that most people who sign up for the offer won’t get enough referrals to earn a free iPod, so they get a lot of marketing and end up giving away relatively few prizes.

For the record, these things are totally legit. I know too many people who have their free stuff to doubt it.

There’s a new one now, where you can get a Mac mini for free by finding 10 friends to try offers. I recommend the eFax offer since it’s totally free for 30 days and you get credit for it before the month is up, so you can cancel without incurring any charge.

If you sign up, be sure to turn pop-up blockers OFF when you do.

That’s exactly it.

When you sign up, you’re required to “complete an offer” by registering for some service. You usually do get credit even if you cancel before you pay for it, but the company running the scheme gets paid by the company they referred you to anyway. Then you need to get five people to do the same thing before they shell out any money to buy your ipod.

Here’s how they make money: I signed up a while back, when this was first going around. I got three other people to sign up and complete an offer too. They got all the money for those four referrals, and outlayed exactly none (to me). Didn’t cost me anything. Didn’t cost the people signed up under me anything. It’s a giant pyramid scheme.

Also in the fine print you’ll see that there’s no guarantee about how soon they’ll send you your “gift”. There are people that have been waiting months for theirs. It’s a pyramid scheme, pure and simple. That doesn’t mean everyone will receive nothing - it just means there will always be many more people involved who get nothing than there are who got something.

FTR, Citibank is/was offering a free iPod Mini deal, and knowing CitiBank, it seems legit. You need to start an online bank account with $2500, keep at least $2500 in the account for a year, and pay 2 bills a month out of the account for a year. They send you the iPod after a month and if you don’t fulfill the conditions, they charge you $250 for it (which is the regular price).

Heh… I forgot to include a [link deleted] so you can sign up to get your own Mac mini. :smack:

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Wow… I never expected to see this on my user CP. Thanks for the info, guys. I guess I really don’t need to waste this much of my time on this.