Free IPod—what's the catch?

The giving away by certain entities of an at-least two-hundred dollar apparatus seems too good to be true, to say the least. What are the catches?

I ask for informational purposes only.

You have to get x amount of people to actually sign up for certain services, as well as doing so yourself. Whatever company is running this scheme gets paid y amount for each referral they send, which is apparently enough to pay for an ipod and then some for every x referrals. That, and you’ll also end up getting even more spam in your inbox (and probably actual mailbox too, they have to get that address to send it to you). To me, it just doesn’t seem worth it.

Add in to all of that that it really isn’t very easy to get five other people to sign up and successfuly complete an offer, especially since the scheme has been around for a while.

While it IS legitimate and it DOES work, it’s still a pyramid scheme and eventually you run out of willing participants.