Free Masonairy

I was playing a game of gabriel knight III (great game) and it had a plot line involving free masonary and it got me thinking but I forgot, I then saw that jack the ripper film in the cinemas and once again there where free masons in it and it got me thinking again.

what the heII is free masonary? what goes on during their meetings? what is its purpose, is it a religious thing? a political thing? a secretive sect type thing? I just dont know, does anyone else?

Basically, it has become a club where guys get together to drink. It may have used to have power, but now it’s just like Kiwanis club.

Said the great-grandson of a 32nd order mason.

Well, what you’re looking for is called Freemasonry. They’re basically a giant international fraternity, with secret rites and the such to go with it. They’re also a favorite subject of conspiracy theories. Some (if not most) of the founding members of the United States of America were Freemasons. The symbols on the dollar bill of the eye and the pyramid are known to be Masonic symbols, although it’s not known for sure whether designers had this in mind when creating the dollar bill. Anyhow, there’s more to Freemasonry than I can possibly write here. Go to google and do a search on “freemasonry” and you’ll find out more than you possibly want to know.

Oh, wait. The Master speaketh.

Aha, just what the doctor ordered.

(im one of the conspiracy theorists, id like to belive theres something deeper at work even if its proved there isn’t ):slight_smile:

They worship an evil god called JaoBulOn and it’s secret and sacred and the reason no UK cars have the registration JAB…


It’s a vast worldwide conspiracy group, but a beneficient one. They help people redecorate their houses by giving away brickwork and stucco. They work closely with a similar cult that provides no-cost lighting fixtures. You may have heard of them; they’re called the Illuminati.


Oh, and I feel compelled to pick a nit on red_dragon’s post. Drinking does not occur in a freemason’s lodge. However, there are other associated groups (for which being a mason is a prerequisite of membership), most notably the Shriners, who do indeed have a habit of partaking after the formal “business” is concluded.

They keep the Martians under wraps, rig every Oscar night, hold back the electric car, and make Steve Guttenberg… a star.

Oh wait, that’s the Stonecutters. Had to get in the obligatory Simpsons reference.