Tell Me About the Masons

A friend in my Psych class was talking about his father, who belongs to the Masons. Apparantly, he’s tried talking to his father about what belonging to this club actually involves, and his dad is very closed-mouthed about it. After asking some other people we know, they reported similar reactions from friends/relatives that are Masons when they asked about the orginization. According to the Mason-fathered friend, there is NO information online about the group that he could dig up. Now we’re both pretty interested, considering they have special things they do at funerals when a Mason dies, have private meetings, books in overly elaborate secret code, are very exclusive, color coded-aprons, specialized liscence plates and above all, are so secretive. So, anybody know what the story is?


  • that should read <i><b>have</b> color-coded aprons</i>*

I take it you just took the word of the friend, instead of, say, looking it up?

  • Rick

Yeah, I did take his word for it. My computer’s been very slow lately, especially with search engines, and he’d said he’d already tried google and snopes and they had turned up with nothing whatever. In addition, I assumed (considering it’s his dad and all) that he’d have a better idea about what to use as search criteria than I would.

Excellent resource.

Good collection of articles

Anti-masonic charges addressed.

In the interests of disclosure, I am NOT a Mason.

Thanks Bricker; apparantly my buddy can’t opperate a search engine very well. I’ll not take his word for it next time.

Well I am a Master Mason. If you have further questions shoot me an e-mail.

For what it’s worth, I am a Knight of Columbus. We also have special rituals for our members’ funerals, although we don’t have aprons. We do have special license plates, exclusive meetings, and private initiation rituals.

In my area, we have also done several joint projects and events with the Masons, and I’ve found them to be a fine, honorable, civic-minded group.

  • Rick

I can remember my fathers old story about the Masons in Ireland. Years ago my grandfather was telling a Mason about how my father had just managed to get a job in the bank, then a more prestigious job than now. With a nod of his head the Mason said “don’t worry we know already.” As dad says, in those days references were everything :wink: