Free Mexican Airforce - Flying Tonight1

Or, rather, a couple of months ago. In March.

No, it’s got nothing at all to do with the song, but when I read the little news report, bits of song kept running through my head, so the rest of you can just have the same problem. :slight_smile:

News Item 13/5/04

Rather a cowardly set of aliens, wouldn’t you think? I mean, they come ALL that way, only to turn back? Huh! Could try harder!
Oh, and that item comes from a tabloid “newspaper” named the “Daily Record”, which means it need not be believed at all! Sort of a shame, really.

I’m sure the tabloid put a heck of a spin on it, but apparently there were UFOs sighted by the Mexican Air Force. CNN link.

BTW, I’m using the term UFO in the literal sense of “Unidentified Flying Object.” I’m not claiming that they were alien spaceships.

I heard that Mexico is very upset with us about our insistance on keeping the facts about UFO’s secret. The report said that they are supported by almost all of the developed countries in this. Not even Britain supports our insistance on keeping everything secret. :stuck_out_tongue:

But it has to sund more exciting if it is secret! :slight_smile: Still, I should think the ones visiting Mexico might be showing better taste than “our” ones, so to speak. For some unknown reason, a nondescript small down always seems to attract the aliens. Of course, there might be a general lack of entertainment in the place. :slight_smile: But with only a few miles more - historical places, pretty hillls, and so on. I tell you, these little green men are strange!