Free online state tax prep?

Everyone does federal for free. But then they charge you for state!

Can I do my state taxes anywhere online for free, or do I just have to bite the bullet and either a) do it by hand or b) pay the 10 or 15 bucks to do it online?

Are you in Virginia? I always do mine online at the state tax site, for free. Virginia taxes are pretty easy though. Fill in a couple of numbers from the federal form, diddle with a couple of state numbers (state tax refund for example) and you’re done unless you have some unusual situation.

If you actually live IN DC … God help you.

I’m across the river in Maryland. We’re not that fancy, apparently. Best I can do on the MD site is download the forms.

Wait-- I just found it on the Comptroller’s site. I wouldn’t have thought to look there for some reason. Thanks!

In general, all state tax forms are simple once you’ve done the Federal. You usually just copy numbers from the Federal form. There are adjustments, but the heavy lifting is done when you to the Federal form.

I’m pretty sure that I did mine last year in MD online because I didn’t want to pay the $20 filing fee. It’s pretty straight forward. I’ll have to look just to make sure but I hate having to pay to file my taxes and before I would just fill out the paper forms.