Free PC game and free weekend notification thread

Yes, Elite Dangerous now comes with Horizons wherever it’s purchased.

Teleglitch: Die More Edition is free on Good Old Games for another day or so.

Butcher is free on Good Old Games for another day or so.

A reminder, anyone who thinks they might like a space sim or space trucking and doesn’t have Elite Dangerous, it’s free right now:

It is a fantastic game, a bit shallow gameplay-wise in the long run but still hundreds of hours of fun if you make it past the learning curve. Very well made, and most impressively it models the entire Milky Way galaxy in full 3D, every star system has X number of stars and every system has X number of planets and each planet has X number of moons. And you can visit every one of them. You can even land on rocky planets and moons without atmospheres, and drive around in a SRV.

BlackoutZ is free on Steam right now

Mudrunner is the free game this week on Epic Game Store