Free PC game and free weekend notification thread

Scrapgarden, a puzzle platformer, is free to keep on Steam through this weekend

Overwatch is free. You’ll need to make a account if you don’t already have one.

Not anymore. Form has been deactivated.

Bummer, that was fast. Guess a lot of codes went out

I guess Epic had Watch Dogs 2 on sale a couple of weeks ago to generate interest for pre-ordering Watch Dogs Resistance, due out on 29 October. This one’s set in London and will be available for Xbox One/X, PS4/5, and PC.

Sega is giving away a copy of Nights into Dreams for registering on their site. They will ask you to connect to Steam and activate it on your account. It shows other platforms but only gives a free copy via Steam.

More Sega stuff:

Sonic 2 is currently free on Steam

Also, Sega is offering some short arcade titles made for their 60th anniversary, each free for one day only

October 15th: Armor of Heroes
October 16th: Endless Zone
October 17th: Streets of Kamurocho
October 18th: Golden Axe - A Canceled Prototype

Europa Universalis II is currently free on GOG.

For anyone who cares, Steam is having a free weekend for Fallout 76.

Fallout 76 is on the Microsoft Gamepass, and I’ve glanced at it before. I know it wasn’t well thought of at first, but has anyone got any experience of how it plays at the moment? What it would be like as a new player?

Dunno about MS Gamepass but I saw it as free to play…temporarily.

Seems it is a timed freebie.

Personally, I am so pissed off over Fallout 76 that I won’t touch it even free. But that’s just me being pissy. YMMV.

I never played it, but did play Fallout 1-4(4 only this quarantine time). Is 76 so bad it does not work as a single-player Fallout game at all?

I know it was panned and dropped to pretty low prices at one point. It also has no monthly fee and I was wondering if it would be worth picking up for $5-$10 as a “kind of” Fallout 5 of sorts.

I played New Vegas as well, more than once. Probably my favorite one, actually.

I gave it another shot a few months ago.

Once I got used to the idea that you can’t really clear an area like you did in previous versions, it was a lot more bearable. And it’s a bit like survival in F4: you have to be pretty carefull until level 20 or so. Starting from level 25 you get to use a few more powerfull weapons which help a lot with the damage you can do. From then on you get to be selective in the stuff you pickup as general weapons don’t translate well to cash at all and there’s limit in the amount of gear you can store in your box.

Also recently all enemies started leveling up with your chararcter, so there’s no real “farming” of low level guys like I hear in other online games. But you get to see the other guy’s level from a distance, so you mostly know what you’re getting into. Ran away from a lvl 60 enemy more than once. :grin:

I was playing it with Gamepass, but now that the price has gone up and the fact that I don’t play much at all, I’m think about buying it at its discount price and cancelling Gamepass. 3 months and I’m cheaper of.