Free PC game and free weekend notification thread

Nice! Got it. Happy birthday to me!

I’m glad it was was free, because I suuuuck at these games :wink:

Total War definitely has a learning curve. It is a fabulous series (some better than others) with loads of fun and replay-ability to be had. Keep at it and you will start learning its nuances (which is what makes it fun and infinitely re-playable).

Short(ish) tutorial:

Long(ish) tutorial:

Actually, it is better to say the first tutorial is for the tactical battles and the much longer second tutorial is for the overall game except battlefield tactics.

Destiny or Fate, a “deck-building roguelike” is free to download until tomorrow

Hitman (2016) and the complete Shadowrun Collection are free this week of Epic. Keep forever.

The Division is free to claim until September 8th.

Not free, but the Division 1 Season Pass is $5 on Uplay in case you picked up the free base game. That’s how they get ya! But, seriously, you get a couple new modes for the end game play and $5 is a good price if you’re going to play it.

On Epic Games one or two:

It’s the Railway Empire which really grabbed me. Sucker for those since the old school days.

Epic has been doing that every week for almost a year now.

Ok sorry, I didn’t know. I won’t notify anymore then.

I think it’s good to post about these. I don’t always gets a notification from Epic and there are some really good freebies.

I concur. Nothing wrong with giving people a reminder about what they’re offering when.

Double-secret concur. I do have the Epic launcher, but I rarely play Epic-centered games right now so I’m not firing it up very often. Getting notifications, at least of major games, is appreciated.

On that note, Football Manager 2020 and Watch Dogs 2 are both currently free on Epic.

I still haven’t done that last mission; still having too much fun messing with the authorities and the gangbangers. Grab a motorcycle, ride through a gang-controlled area, lure them to some nearby authorities or a rival gang, and watch the fireworks. Sometimes I’ll grab a bus and play demolition derby with gang vehicles.

And Stick It To The Man, a great game I played when it was new.

Epic Games is running a special where you get Rocket League for free plus a $10 coupon for future purchases from the Epic store. However, the coupon expires Nov. 1.

Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 Complete free on Epic