Free PC game and free weekend notification thread

There’s a UbiForward page linked to Ubisoft although, if possible, you might want to use Twitch (will need a Twitch account and to link to your Ubi account) since the UbiForward page seems to be screwing up and not accepting logins. Probably slammed.

See the FAQ for a list of feeds you can watch and instructions on how to link Twitch to your Ubisoft account to get drops.

I was all logged in and it logged me out and now I can’t login to claim it.

No shock.

Everyone with a Uplay will now receive the game, as I predicted would have to be the case.

Just quoting myself to pat-my-own-back. This is what they did, basically.

Makes sense. The Twitch stream worked fine for me but the official page was trash from what I gathered

Ubi put up a Rewards registration page. Don’t know if you need to use it to get the reward but it can’t hurt.

I used it but it seems to be finicky. People are reporting that you need to do it once then revisit it to see you got a “registration received” message (or something…I forget exactly) to know that you will get the game.

I went back some eight hours later and I did not have the game. I visited the page again and Ubisoft had a message up-top that they are experiencing problems, please wait 24 hours.

When people complain about Epic Game Store I do not get it. What I complain about is the likes of Ubi and Origin’s and Blizzard’s proprietary crap that is, well, crap and nothing but annoying.

I had all kinds of issues registering, but today I opened Uplay and Watchdogs 2 was there. I own it now.

Torchlight 2 is free-to-keep on Epic right now.

It figures since I bought it last freaking week. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Fun game though.

If you got it on Epic they will credit you the money if you ask.

Also, Epic is now showing the next one or two free games they are giving in the future so you can always look to see if something you like is coming up.

Thank you for the heads up. Looks like I bought it on Steam. :beers:

Warhammer 40,000: Rites of War is currently free on GOG.

Stupid question: What is Torchlight(2) like? I’ve never played either.

I played the original years ago. I remember it as a cartoonish version of Diablo, with fishing.
Hack and slash your way through dungeons, do quests for NPC’s, level up, improve your gear, repeat. Don’t remember anything about the story and didn’t finish it, but I enjoyed the gameplay. Will probably download and play the sequel.

It’s an Action RPG (ARPG) and Diablo-like, which basically means running around in third person and slashing/blasting your way through piles upon piles of bad guy while loot cascades out of them and you hope for something to drop that will make your slashing/blasting go that much faster. That explanation shouldn’t put you off the idea – the loop can be fun and a lot of people enjoy that and the whole “find the best upgrade path” aspect of the gear and weapon stats. For free, you can’t go wrong trying it.

In addition to the above two posts, Torchlight 2 is highly moddable and is capable of multiplayer. Some of my favorite character classes came from the Steam workshop.

Tacoma is free on Epic Games.

Today only (August 13, 2020):

Is free on Epic Games. After that it is $50.

Two other games as well. Remnant and The Alto. Those are free a week, Total War only today.