Free PC game and free weekend notification thread

Not free games, but I started a winter sales thread and I figured the people who view this thread would be interested.

Metro: Last Light (Redux) is free today and tomorrow on GOG. Right now the site is choking so might want to settle in on that F5 key or wait a while.

Crying Suns is free on Epic this week.

Star Wars Battlefront II is free next week. Is that the recent game?

No, it came out in 2017, but it’s still pretty high profile.

Ah, but that is the more recent one. I think a PS2 version existed.

It appears to be the Celebration Edition, which includes all past and future updates.

I picked up Battlefront II for the Xbox when it was being sold temporarily for a ridiculously low price (I think $5). It’s pretty and the limited story mode is kind of fun. I think I got my money’s worth at least.

Does it have a single-player mode? I actually barely play online(uh, zero) and would love a new Star Wars single-player game. I played Fallen Order this summer.

Should I make an Epic and Steam account for my kids? I’m asking because I wonder if I should be claiming games for him and her for when they are adults.

It does! Here is an article about it.

(I will repeat the warning in the article that if you read it in full, there are story spoilers.)

But yes, there is a single-player campaign that was pretty fun when I played it. It’s no “Jedi: Fallen Order” or anything, but it gives you more to do in the game than gank tons of people like a Halo multiplayer match.

Thanks, I’ll install it when I get a chance and give it a shot.

Free copy of Little Nightmares when you sign up for Bandai’s email list. Promoting Little Nightmares II. Limited quantities, yadda yadda. Either use a burner email or unsubscribe at some later point.

I also saw Little Nightmares show up for free on my Xbox One as a “Games with Gold” offer.

Star Wars Battlefront II is free on Epic.

Free copy of Bomber Crew when you sign up for Humble Bundle newsletter

Thanks, I’m playing it. I am on PC(obviously) and wow, I can not control the Tie-fighter I am in during the first couple missions. I keep suffering “bump one thing and instantly blow up” syndrome.

I am using keyboard mouse now, but that is because it was easier to control the first-person-shooter segments that way.

I am bad at flying games and hope I can make it through these missions.

I did and I guess I improved or the game was not as bad as I thought.

I beat the entire main single-player game today. It was short and I guess is mainly an add-on to the multiplayer. I’ll probably not play that.

Anyway, neat game, lame story. I guess the main girl’s story continues in the multiplayer mode and there is a free epilogue called “Resurrection” that I’ll play at some point.

  1. One or two flying missions were eternal. One had me guard Y-wing bombers and I swear it was double the length it needed to be. “Here come more Tie fighters” forever.

  2. Yay, we get to play as Han and Lando and Leia(and Luke). Why can’t I be in first-person during those missions? I prefer FPS games and they would NOT let me go first person when it was a character from the old movies.

It was fun, a neat little Star Wars game.

My complaint about this and Fallen Order is they are completely on rails. I don’t need open world for everything but most games on rails work to give at least an illusion of some freedom. Absolutely none to be found here. Run down corridors…shoot shit along the way. Rinse and repeat. And it is short. Honestly not worth the 90GB download (or whatever it was…it was a lot).

I play it for the cut scenes and because I love Star Wars but even there it is kinda weak.

I am SOOOOOOO happy EA lost the exclusive license. Fingers crossed for some actually good Star Wars games.

I thought Fallen Order was about 10 times the game this Battlefront was, though that is because they made Fallen Order to be a single-player game. It was kind of on rails, but I enjoyed looking around for things and making my through its worlds.

Yeah, Battlefront is a 90GB download. I guess that online component is massive and it takes that much space. I’ll play the epilogue DLC that came with the game and then uninstall it so my computer can breathe. :laughing:

I was also a little miffed that an EGS game was just a front to launch the Origin client. Not a huge deal, I have Origin installed and an account but for some reason it bugs me.

That’s more of an EA thing (or Ubi thing or Rockstar thing) than an Epic thing. Steam is the same way – just another circuit to pass though to get to the publisher’s client to finally launch the game. I’m not a real fan of Epic but, to their credit, once it’s initially downloaded and launched, you only need the publisher client (Ubi Connect, RSSC) and not the Epic client unlike Steam which makes you launch through Steam each time.

Battlefront would not load from Origin for me directly, though Immortals Fenyx Rising did load from Uplay for me. When I launched Origin, it launched Epic and then the game. It even said “epic games” on the game icon inside Origin.

And, yes, Origin launched from Epic everytime as well.