Free PC game and free weekend notification thread

Sounds like Origin is an exception for Epic then. And the standard for Steam (which makes you use Steam/Origin, Steam/Ubi, Steam/RSSC, etc each time you launch a game you got there). Still, it’s more about the publishers clinging to their personal clients than really the fault of the Epic or Steam marketplaces.

Same here (Origin would launch Epic…annoying).

Origin and uplay both use an API for internal functions within their clients, similar to steamworks, for things like friends lists, multiplayer parties, matchmaking, voice chat, achievements, etc. The games need the API through the game client (uplay, origin, steam) to use those functions. So when a game has to launch the launcher to play like that, it’s because it’s using those APIs. It’s not really a scam or anything, it makes sense.

Both origin and uplay have light/unobtrusive modes for their clients to run in in this scenario. If you launch a uplay or origin game it fires up the client in the background, silently, launches the game, and then closes the client after you’re done. It’s really not a big deal.

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator is free on Steam for those who like their simulated battles to be both ultimate and epic.

Garfield Kart is free on IndieGala

Assassins Creed Chronicles: China is free from Ubisoft to celebrate Lunar New Year.

Kind of going backwards on this one:

Mutant Ops is a F2P game on Steam that will cost money starting next week. The dev says that anyone with the current F2P version will be grandfathered into the paid version so grab it now.

Rage 2 is free on Epic this week.

Epic now has Sunless Sea free.