Free PC game and free weekend notification thread

It really was, just a mess. That sort of story-driven puzzler has been done so much better so many times.

I played it on a 2012 Laptop at the time and the loadtimes while switching worlds was unbearable. It made late-game puzzles that required world hopping almost impossibly boring and laborious.

Even with my new laptop that is much faster and solid-state, the puzzles require too much “manipulate one thing and go look at it from over there” compared to Myst I-V, all of which were better than Obduction.

Epic games free games this week Defense grid: the awakening, and WWI: Verdun

Just came in to say Defense Grid: The Awakening.

I’m not a big tower defense fan, but I make an exception for this game. Super fun, I played it several years ago. Recommend.