Free PC game and free weekend notification thread

Surviving Mars is currently free on Steam

Epic has Nioh: The Complete Edition and Sheltered Free today. Nioh’s release date is yesterday and was priced at 40 quid, is this some sort of mistake?

Nioh was released in November 2017, heck the sequel Nioh 2 was released March of last year.

Nioh is an older game - the Complete edition may be just released though. Also, Nioh 2 has also just had a Complete Edition released on Epic, so maybe they’re hoping you’ll buy that after.

Probably just the edition, rather than the main game. Thanks.

I’ve never played “Sheltered”. It looks like a low budget version of “Oxygen Not Included”.

Is that a wrong assessment?

Exit Limbo: Opening is free for keeps on Indiegala today (“this weekend”). It’s not a Steam key, just the game download, and I don’t usually bother with posting those because few people seem to click links for anything but Steam games. But Exit Limbo: Opening is a pretty sweet game if you like side-scrolling beat 'em ups, both generally well-reviewed and looking gorgeous so maybe give it a try.

I will download it just to spite you. :rage:


Thanks for the link.

isnt FC 5 the turok wanna be one? also i still want an updates nobunagas ambition from koei and new monster rancher from tecmo …

I think you’re thinking of Far Cry: Primal. FC5 takes place in modern day Montana.

Epic this week Speed Brawl and Tharsis, and I have to watch out because when I put the list on last week and I missed buying Sheltered (put the link forgot to click buy).

Jagged Alliance: Gold Edition
Titan Quest: Anniversary Edition

are both free on Steam (claim before the 23rd) to celebrate the 10th anniversary of THQ Nordic.

It’s an older game which I believe was created before ONI.

There’s not nearly as much customization but I still enjoyed it. It’s a family surviving nuclear fallout together rather than dupes being created on the fly so there’s more focus on each member’s emotional state; deaths are devastating.

I found it insightful that pets played an important role in keeping family morale up. There are also moral dilemmas like starving people asking for help at your shelter door when you barely have enough food for yourselves, etc.

Deltarune Chapter 2 just came out recently. Both 1 and 2 are free. on

[Post deleted; Free game became “with purchase…”]

The escapists on Epic this week.

Banana Hell free on Steam until the 27th for people who want a “REALLY HARD GAME” featuring a banana-man.

Syberia & Syberia 2 are free on Steam at the moment as part of some publisher sale.

2064: Read Only Memories, a cyberpunk point & click adventure, is currently free on Epic.

Says the deal ends Sept 28th at 11pm (CST, I assume)

Syberia is a lot of fun if you like that type of game (I forget if I played the second one).