Free PC game and free weekend notification thread

Yeah, it’s fun for what it is, but it seems unfinished. There’s a basic leveling system, but there’s no skill tree so it’s basically pointless. There’s different characters, but again, no skill tree, so it’s purely aesthetic. And if you have the Rocket Wings DLC, chopper tickets are obsolete immediately. I’ve gone through a bunch of the challenges just to see how I’d do, but yeah, the principle fun to be had from this game is just zooming down the mountain.

Far Cry 6 free weekend:

Not sure I’m going to bother. I liked FC3, FC4 and FC Primal, even if the series got very formulaic. I know they are regarded as bland, but I like playing around in the typical Ubisprawl environment. I played some FC5 in a similar trial weekend I think, liked some of the new mechanics like companion level-ups, got really tired of planes attacking every minute, the story seemed really contrived, even by sandbox game standards. Also hated the hymn that played every time you were near an enemy outpost.

Far Cry 6 is definitely better than 5, the story is slightly less contrived, I am almost 50 or so hours in (~90% complete) and there haven’t been any jarring drug/hallucination interruptions like 3, 4 and 5 had (5 was the worst IMO)

It’s not a deep game but I am having fun, head shots are as satisfying as always. I am playing with a 2070 super on 3440x1440 monitor on high settings with DXR reflections and shadows enabled and am hitting 60fps and it’s very pretty.

Bonus, you play as one of the locals, not a white knight, which is also a refreshing change.

Yeah, playing around in pseudo-Cuba could be neat. To be honest I’m skipping it more because (1) I discovered the promotion when it was already half gone (2) when it’s summer outside I feel weird playing games more than a couple of hours a day, and FC games are typically on rails the first couple of hours.

I understand that. We’ve had a lot of rain here in Manitoba this summer so I have been getting more computer time than I would prefer for summer.

Ugh, not me. It’s not even particularly hot here compared to elsewhere in the US, but it’s still mid to high '80s with high humidity. I am definitely holed up in my air conditioning.

So I was looking for a game to scratch that RTS itch. I saw someone recommend They Are Billions either here or on reddit (r/patientgamers, maybe) at some point so I had added it to my wishlist. It’s currently on sale for $22, which is generally too rich for my blood for a game. I prefer $10 or less.

Then I noticed in the Steam reviews someone who posted a negative review said play Frostpunk instead. So I looked up Frostpunk, and it’s currently on sale for $7 and change. Now that’s a tempting price.

So tempting that I added it to my wish list to check for even better sales. Augmented steam told me its best ever sale was free in the epic store last June. Last June? I was keeping on top of epic free games last June. This is the kind of game I would have thought “sure maybe” and picked up. Did I?

Yes, I did. Woohoo! Frostpunk currently installing while I have a cigarette. So fun to be like ‘I’m going to pick that up on sale’ and then realize ‘I already have that for free!’ All the fun of a new game, none of the risk of buyer’s remorse when it ends up sucking. And hey, maybe it’s actually good.

Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3! is on Epic this week.

Am I the only one amused that it pops up a dialogue saying “Preparing your order” when you click Get?

Mine didn’t say that, it was just the usual language.

Now I feel cheated. That was the only reason I even looked at the game. (It sounds like it might be fun, though.)

It says “loading your order” which is what the site says for any title you get.

Well, only been tracking and getting these free Epic games for about 2 years now, and for the first time it’s not really a free game this Thursday, just a content pack for one of their free to play games. I’ve got no interest in coloured boxing gloves or different shorts on a game, even if I played it. So if anyone wants Rumbleverse - Boom Boxer content pack, then go get it, but I don’t count it as a free game.

Also Doom 64. Which is a $5 game so it must be belt-tightening week at Epic but it is technically a paid game

Wow they must have stuck Doom 64 on at about 10 minutes past 16:00, it was just the Rumbleverse one when I visited just past 4pm.

It was there this morning at around 10:30 CDT (which is 30 minutes after the free games are available), so if you live somewhere in the Americas it’s likely you had a glitch.

Their free game quality has gone waaaay down but I can’t complain when it is free.

Or maybe the web site was a cached version and hadn’t refreshed.

Oh something changed on 16:00 UK, the Rumbleverse addon went from last week to this week, with no Doom 64 (which I assume is the Nintendo 64 version?), so I posted at about five past (I was bored yesterday, so refreshing). I must admit it was a bit weird this week, what with an addon rather than a game, and a post deadline extra game added as if they’d forgotten and rushed it.

But as others have said “it’s free so why care?”

I tell you the epic giveaways are pretty effective at having me running the epic launcher instead of the steam launcher. If that’s the end goal of their giveaways, they would count people like me as a resounding success.

Of all the games I’ve played minimum 50 hours since I got this gaming computer, the breakdown looks like this:

Epic: Control, Subnautica, Frostpunk
Steam: Cities: Skylines, Subnautica: Below Zero

I would rather spend all my time within the steam ecosystem, but I think I have more total hours logged in the epic games above than Steam. The only reason Steam is even close is because city skylines is by far my most played game, something like 800 hours versus around 500 hours for Subnautica in second place.

Frostpunk is really fun, and it’s perfect for me. I should be long finished with it but I keep restarting the first mission to optimize my city design and build order. Still haven’t even seen the other scenarios yet.

Epic has got me much more than recently, it took a while, I bought Watchdog: Legion from them because of the free games, and that’s been my recent big games (I don’t think that was on Steam for a year, so I couldn’t get it); Count 2 Tombraiders, Cities Skylines, and Hitman 3 (which I screwed up to buy because I didn’t buy the season pass version), but their coupons and sales have got a few sales from me too, which are pending, so its became a solid client.

Except for the fact the cloud caching stuff doesn’t work for me at all. I stopped doing it for Cities skylines because it just didn’t work at all, and was taking forever to start. If they fix that, then that would help a lot for me.

Doom 64 is apparently a full new doom written for the N64, so if you played the old Dooms and didn’t own a N64, then you’ve not played that. I think modders tried getting it working, then got employed to make full release.