Free PC game and free weekend notification thread

i thought BDO was a fre to play game anyways … or it is on the XB1

yeah its pretty good and not as generically anime as genshin impact

its a Japanese based ad&d wanna be the girls always look pretty hot in those

I wasn’t sure when I first saw this, actually, but Steamdb says the usual price is five bucks.

The game has a remarkably granular character model creator that some people say is the best part. Naturally, as an Asian MMO it seems particularly keyed towards attractive women.

Figment is free on GOG

Today on Epic:

I think it’s been free before, somewhere, and I enjoyed playing it.

That game looks gorgeous.

I played it. Fun enough game, not the best puzzles. Some puzzles were super easy. Some were hard in a way that did not feel satisfying after solving them.

Kind of like Myst, but a step down from that.

Not a game, but Fanatical is giving away O&O Defrag

What does that offer that Windows Defrag can’t do already?

Do solid-state drives even need defragged?

Here’s the list of features. The company seems reputable based on a little Googling so this doesn’t seem like buying a Magic PC Repair disk off the Office Depot discount rack.

No. Do not defrag your SSD. It does not help anything and it just adds to the write cycles which ultimately degrade the longevity of your drive.

SSDs don’t need to be defragged, but not everyone uses them. I have an SSD running my OS, but high capacity SSDs are still prohibitively expensive so I have a very large secondary disk which is still very fast for R/W, but is a traditional HDD.

Do I manually defragment my drive? No, because I run Windows 11 which does it automatically (unless you turn it off). I just did a check and my D drive is 0% fragmented. My C drive is also optimized (there are other ways to manage SSDs other than defragmentation, such as a retrim). But again, Win11 just handles it, I don’t even need to worry about it. (Which is good, I do IT for a living so spend enough time fixing and maintaining computers, and if my computer can take care of itself, awesome.)

This week on epic it’s: Warhammer 40K: Gladius

Free on Steam: Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep

(D&D themed Borderlands adventure)

Nice. That is quite a recent game, though I thought it was more expensive. I am pretty sure I had the expansion for BL2 with the Tina Tina in it, but I can’t remember anything about, and I assumed I didn’t play it (division of what was what in DLC was never clear to me in BL series).

Nice. I’ve always been a fan of the WH 40K games.

That’s the original expansion turned into a standalone download. It’s not the new game from last year.

Gladius is a pretty good take on a 40K 4X game, too.

Chenso Club is free via Fanatical for a Steam key. I’m sure there’s a newsletter sign-up or something involved.