Free Powerpoint Viewer.

Can anyone recommend a free PPT viewer?

I got one a while back by just going to and searching on “powerpoint viewer.” Works fine.

You can get one through too.

Try this link here.

Thanks Guys! I got it!

In Mac PowerPoint 2000 and Mac PowerPoint X, you can also Save as PowerPoint Movie, so you can save your Slide Show as an MOV file and play it like any other normal QuickTime MOV file. If you’ve added hyperlinks or action buttons, they will work if you click on them in the MOV file.

Instead of saving it as a .MOV you can also save it as html (web pages). In fact, just generate the html pages directly and dump that worthless MSPPT entirely.

A big plus is that the person viewing doesn’t have to download a PPT viewer using their browser, the browser itself solves the problem.

I have no idea why supposedly intelligent people use this worthless product. (I know why the dummies do: it’s made by Bill.)

FtG aka GLP
And if I see another presentation with sparklie or fade/wipe effects I’m gonna retch.

While I agree with you on the sparklies and the sound effects that Powerpoint has available, there are so many reasons why it is useful to keep the Powerpoint program.

I have suffered through too many presentations done in a text editor (like MS Word). Powerpoint is such an improvement. Yeah, web pages are great, but you have to deal with so much extra formatting, plus worry about the screen resolution when you actually do your presentation. (I do know about tables and such, but are you going to assume a table width of 640??). I’m afraid that unless the presentation preparer is an html guru, the layout and design is going to be difficult and time consuming.

Granted, I’ve had to sit through worthless powerpoint presentations too. But they’re a different level of evil. (Who in their right mind would use pure green text on a turquoise background???)

Basically, Powerpoint makes it easier. Show me another slide show program that is practically ubiquitous and I’ll give it a try. (I used hypercard years ago. Do they still make it??)

And on a different subject, more close to the OP…

Your question was answered successfully, it appears. Yeah!!

For saving PPT presentations, you can also use the Pack-n-go Wizard. It’s one of those install options that is turned off by default. Basically, it’s a zip program specifically for PPT that compresses your presentation. It also gives you the option of including a little ppt viewer. It has saved many a presentation that wouldn’t quite fit on a floppy.