Free Rice update

Dunno if people have been over to Free Rice in awhile, but I checked the other day and they’ve added some stuff. You can now jump levels if you want, no matter where you are in them. They also added different subjects, like different languages (French, German, Italian, Spanish), chem, geography, art, and even Eng grammar (though it’s pretty easy).

For people new to this, it’s a site where if you answer questions correctly, grains of rice get donated to hunger relief.

Plus, 1 correct answer now gives 20 grains of rice instead of 10 (though I’m pretty sure that changed long before the other additions).

Just thought I’d share. Go donate some rice!

Thanks for the update! I’m gonna go play!

You’ve just made my inner grammar nerd very happy!

There is also a math section with times tables up through twelve. I encourage my students to use it for multiplication practice.

Wooo! I did so well on the French section…I remember a lot of vocab, it’s very encouraging. :slight_smile:

I got up to about 6000 grains, yay.

I literally opened this thread expecting to see a plea to help pry Condoleezza away from the clutches of the Republicans. Sorry. :slight_smile:

I’d forgotten about that site. Thanks!