Free webcam software?

I have an old Intel EasyCam that is compatible with Windows 98, but not XP. I downloaded the drivers for free from intel’s site, but the webcam itself came with some software that doesn’t work with Windows XP. Now, Intel tells me that I can buy an upgrade cdfor 6 bucks, but you know what? Huh-uh! was fairly useless, in that I could get some things that don’t do what I want, or pay for what I do want.

Here are my criteria:
[li]Must be able to take video[/li][li]Must be able to take stills[/li][li]Would preferably have sound capabilities[/li][li]Is free[/li][li]Not entirely necessary, but would like to be able to use with IM programs, but the programs may take care of that for me. I’ve never tried. [/li][/ol]

Free less-than-family-friendly videos and/or stills to whoever gets this working. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Just kidding, guys.

This page on Intel’s site has a table of Intel PC Camera drivers and their Operating systems that you can download.

Was this what you were looking for?

If you need to actually upgrade the software that uses your camera (picture capture and video editing software, for example) to Windows xp, then you may very well have to buy the CD from Intel.

I have an Intel Easy PC Cam (CS110) - once I put the up-to-date drivers on I can use Photoshop to capture still images (or any proggie with a TWAIN capture facility, I belive).

MSN Messenger and Netmeeting work fine - you can even adjust the image quality on the camera though them.

Nope, you’re right. I did need the drivers, but I’d downloaded them already.

I don’t have Photoshop either… :confused:

So now, what you’re saying though, is that I need to find some free software with TWAIN ability?

Try the “Imaging” programme in Windows.

Plug the camera in, and make sure the drivers are all installed etc.

Check it’s working in Control Panel --> System --> Hardward --> Device Manager --> Imaging Devices… the camera should be listed under “Intel® PC Camera CS110” or similar.

Then go to Start --> Programmes --> Accessories --> Imaging… and open the Kodak Imaging For Windows utility.

Once it’s opened go to File --> Select Device… and make sure the webcam is selected. If it doesn’t appear you may need to reinstall the drivers, and double-check that it’s working OK.

Then go to File --> Acquire Image… and it should open up the webcam utility software in a separate window. Then it’s just a case of taking the pics and selecting “transfer” to send them to Kodak Imaging.

That works for my Win2000 laptop - give it a try and see what happens.

Hmm… looks like Kodak Imaging isn’t included in the XP package :frowning:

Look online for a free software package with TWAIN support…

… that one claims to do the job, might be worth a go.

The Irfanview site, , suggests Tucows, , for the download. I don’t know if the sofotex site has the current version, but Tucows certainly does.

Irfanview works nicely with Twain drivers, and does a lot more nice stuff.