Can I use my Eye Toy as a webcam or digital camera?

Can my PS2 Eye Toy be used as a rudimentary webcam or source for digital photos on my PC? If so, how?

Dunno if this works, but:

You da man Q.E.D. It seems to have worked. I found the device in scanners and cameras, but now I’m clueless. Right clicking only brings up delete and properties, and properties seems to only have some sort of event log and a diagnostic (which passed). Am I lacking software? Maybe there’s a site I can test this on?


I do this (and am doing it at this minute, as a matter of fact…). I use software.

Nice site. I’m sure the software’s cool too. I’m not quite interested enough in the webcam itself to warrant any real expense though. If I can capture a simple image and then use it, I’ll be more than happy. I can google free software on my own, so my last question would be: what would be the best way to term what I am looking for?

I’m thinking “simple image capture software” or “webcam still software”. This is really on a whim, sorry I’m so ignorant right now. I’ll not pollute GQ with any more silly questions regarding this. Thanks for the info.

Their free trial version doesn’t cripple the program unusably or expire (other than nagging you for a few seconds every time you start up). It also allows screencaps.

Up and running, thanks again.