Freedom tower...something for conspiracy theorists to chew on?

Anyone see any potential for conspiracy theories in the new Freedom Tower design. Looks like you might argue thier could be a pyramid and an ever seeing eye over head with that “beacon of freedom”.

Freedom tower images

Are you saying that the Illuminati are building the new tower?

That would explain much. :wink:

WTF? Chew on? I can’t even swallow it! It’s in terrible taste - not to mention a really tall order. This is an obvious recipe for disaster.

(In other words…um, no. Doesn’t look anything like it in the real pic and only kind of sort of maybe in the completely doctored pic. How does an elongated triangle suddenly become the Mason’s truncated pyramid?)

Hmmm. Lets see…

Which would be better? A tower built by the Illuminati or one built by Trump?

Tough choice! :slight_smile:

What exactly is the link supposed to show? Linky no worky for me.

Hmmmm…linking to a dodgy Wikipedia article isn’t going to last long!