French Football Sex Tape Scandal

Anyone following the Valbuena-Benzema blackmail story? In short, Karim Benzema, a world class striker and superstar for Real Madrid and France, appears to have been supporting a blackmailer who is in possession of a sex tape involving another French football star (Valbuena). A retired French national teamer, Djibril Cisse, was also involved at some point. Apparently a phone recording confirms that Benzema was working for the blackmailer, who was a childhood friend.

I wonder how they recorded the call. More than that, I wonder how it will affect France at the European Championships, which they’ll be hosting.

A sex tape with each other, you mean?

No, at least not as far as I know. Just Valbuena and some unknown person or people.

Kind of hard to get worked up about without more details. “I possess evidence you had sex with someone.” What was the point of the blackmail? Got a link?

Seems France needs to get their shit together. Here in the states, you get busted in a sex tape you get your own show on the E! network.

It’s actually quite a riveting story considering Benzema already earns an ungodly amount of money.

The first thing I thought when I read the thread topic was “what the hell ? We don’t even have sex tape scandals. We just have sex tapes”.

Every time we Americans revel in a juicy sex scandal, we have to hear Europeans snide remarks like, “Oh, you puritanical Americans with your backward attitude on sex.” Now there’s a French scandal because an athlete, of all people, has been caught having sex???

As the old joke goes, unless he got caught with a live boy or a dead girl. . .

The rumor mill is full of theories. That said, the scandal isn’t the sex tape. It’s that one of the best and wealthiest football players in France may have possibly been an accomplice to a plot that involved extorting money from one of his teammates.

In fact, the scandal is because some top level player (as mentioned already making a boatload of money) was involved in the blackmail of another over a sex tape. The career of the former is probably over at this point. If the culprit had been some random dude, it probably wouldn’t have made the headlines.

And incidentally, as you hinted at, people are wondering what there could be on this sex tape that made an attempt at blackmail a sensible move.

Maybe for France, but he’s still scoring goals-a-plenty for Real.

And he’s only 28. Unless you mean his career is over because of this extortion scheme.

Weirdly, there is nothing about this on Valbuena’s Wikipedia page yet but it’s already on Benzema’s (along with the 2010 child prostitute case).