Frequency of Palin coverage v. Biden coverage

This is really a GQ, but since there is a political connotation I figured I might as well start out where it will end up. (I guess it also allows me to be a bit freer with adjectives.)

We’re all familiar with one of the basic canards of the FOX/Rush/Republican marketing strategies of decrying and marginalizing the non-party affiliated media. Earlier on, one of the statistics that was trotted out was how much more coverage Obama received pre-convention than McCain did. While most of this is easily attributable to the Primary battle between him and Clinton, statistical counts and so-called analysis was bandied about for a short while.

While there is a good deal of negative press about Palin in general (Couric interview, etc.), and stories about Palin-related themes (e.g., Troopergate), there seems to be an inordinate amount of basic, plain Palin coverage (e.g., where she is speaking, what attacks she’s saying, what attacks she’s making).

Is it confirmation bias on my part that I just realized that I have heard nary a peep about where Biden has been all this time? Yes, there have been a story or mention here or there, but nothing compared to what I subjectively perceive as a huge amount of Palin news.

I’m certainly not going down the same ridiculous road as to claim that this proves a pro-Republican bias in the media, but I am curious if there are any metrics out there regarding coverage. (Though since we’re in GD, opine away if you feel like it!)

I think that you are right, and I think the reason is that she is getting bigger crowds and saying more newsworthy (though not necessarily good) things. Near riots are always going to draw more coverage than run of the mill speeches. It’s just a matter of the press not wanting to put their readers/viewers to sleep. I see no bias.

I do see McCain and Obama being covered pretty evenly, though, since they are both news makers.
I don’t know how the fact that McCain and Palin are often at the same event affects coverage, though.

All it ‘proves’ is that Palin is more interesting than Biden is…at least in the view of the various news types (and assuming your assessment is even accurate). I’d hazard a guess that Obama get’s more coverage than McCain does as well…which only proves that he’s more news worthy in the minds of the news powers that be.

Other than that I don’t see how this kind of thing ‘proves’ media bias either way. YMMV of course.


I guess the first half is the GQ:
Does Palin get more type space than Biden?
(It seems that way to me, but as soon as I thought it I thought “cite?”, which is an odd habit I bet many Dopers relate to.) Has anyone out there done any metrics?

If there is anything to be gleaned from it, I think it’s a debunking of the cat calls of media bias because Obama was mentioned x number of times more than McCain. (Can anyone remember good search terms for the NYT article on itself?)

Novelty. Palin is new to the national spotlight, so the public is (increasingly less) fascinated with her. Anyone who would be interested in an old warhorse like Biden already has had a lot of exposure to him. Increasing the novelty factor, Palin is a woman, something we haven’t seen on a major-party presidential ticket other than Geraldine Ferraro.

I’m sure that there is one hell of a lot more coverage of Palin then there is Biden but I dont think that its because of favourtism.

Biden is a competent but not incredibly exciting politician just doing his job but Palin is an entertaining clown floundering around well out of her depth,literally cringingly awful.

If theres a choice of watching a truckdriver driving his truck or watching a Penguin trying to windsurf which do you think most people will want to see?

I’m a die-hard Democrat, a safe Obama vote, and delighted by the coverage palin is getting. Some of you may recall my fury upon learning that Obama had chosen Biden as his running mate - surely he had thrown his campaign in the crapper!

My hope in Obama’s election chances was restored when McCain made an even worse choice. Worthless though he be as a running mate, at least Biden will be a good VP.