Fresca and Mexico

I just got in from my weekly Team Trivia night and have a question about one of tonight’s questions. The question was:

The answer (which we guessed) was Fresca. My question is, is this true? It sounds a little too much like the “Nova” urban legend to me. Anyone know anything about this?

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While I can not claim that I KNOW “anything” about this, I can tell you that “Fresca” does NOT mean prostitute in México.

Actually, the slang-used term, is the same as in American English. “Fresca” means “fresh”, and you can use the word to refer to a soda that is “fresh”, or to a person that is “a fresh”.

Now, it is my WAG that when they decided for the word FRESCA they intend to do a little word-play, since the word we use in México for a soda, or pop, is “refresco” (“refreshment” [masculine, in this case]). So the name for this product rimes with “refresca” (refreshes), which is actually part of the publicity slogan they use.

I have never heard anyone use the word “Fresca” as slang for ‘prostitute’, and I’m mexican.

Glad to see ya’ E1; I thought about you when I heard about the airliner explosion in Mexico today.

I have to offer my apologies for using the word “prostitute” instead of “lesbian”. That was a completely stupid slip (of my hand?) when writing the last reply.

Please substitute “lesbian” for “prostitute” in every instance in the above post. It is still valid.

And please, please, don’t think I have ever confused one for the other. I’m just tired and (obviously) not thinking straight -no pun intended-.

Sorry. Perdón. Lo siento mucho. :0

Not wanting to hijack the thread

Beatle, please e-mail me. I didn’t know about the accident. I’m a little shocked right now.


I haven’t heard a thing about an airliner explosion, except the EgyptAir crash. When did it happen?

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A few thoughts…

1.) tanstaafl - sorry (really) about hijacking your thread; it seemed to me that E1 had answered your question at least well enough to park whatever UL Fresca notions we might’ve had, and,
2.) right when you posted, E1 responded just as I was considering a “Check in, E1!” thread, and
3.) Diceman, it happened last evening and has been initially reported as a 727 and subsequently as a DC-9 that exploded shortly after takeoff, and, fortunately after disembarking 70 passengers. That can’t easily make any of the aggreived feel any better, but,…

My how these threads can wander…