Coors: What the hell is wrong with your advertising department?

Today I saw two Coors Light billboards with the following catchy slogans:

The old ladies are of hairs.


This for-female-monkey is really doggy.

I am not kidding about this. They also had Spanish translations. What the holy Christ on a stick is this supposed to mean?

I think it’s a spanish translation joke.

I ain’t got the second one figured out yet, but the “of hairs” in the first could be “de pelos” meaning “the shit” or “cool” or “awesome” or something like that. It would help if you could write up the spanish versions.

now, my spanish (mexican) slang is pretty poor, but I can consult the Mrs.
I bet they go something like:

Las viejas son de pelos

La changera es muy perra

I don’t really know what the second one might mean, but I’ll consult my resident mexican.

I don’t know if I’d go questioning the coors marketing department’s judgment though; I mean, they manage to get people to buy and drink that shitty beer.

I didn’t write down the exact Spanish translations. I’ll try and get them.

This is in a predominantly Spanish-speaking neighborhood, so your Spanish slang idea has merit. But if that’s it, why even bother with the English part? It just looks stupid.

For what it’s worth, it did cause me to notice, in a train-wreck kind of way. Which is I guess the point.

Also, am I really to believe that there is actually a Spanish word that translates to “for-female-monkey”?

Run it through Babelfish and you get “para-hembra-mono”.

Or “para-mona”.

Let’s not be too hard on Coors. After all, they gave us TWINS!

the way I translated it was:

Chango - monkey
female monkey -“changa”
one who is for or about female monkeys or performs the task of female monkeying- “changera” as I understand it. Kinda like how a “mesero” is one who is about the table in a restaurant, (where table= “mesa” waiter = “mesero”)

Again, it’s more a slang thing on the monkey girl though.

It would take way more than hot twins and a monkey girl to convince me to drink that crap.

Amen to that! Better to ask What the hell is wrong with thier brewmaster! (Do they even have one?)

Okay, here are the Spanish translations shown under each slogan:

The old ladies are of hairs.
Las viejas estan de pelos.


This for-female-monkey is really doggy.
Esta pachanga esta perrona.

I am completely baffled.

ok, I was 1 for 2.
the first means what I said it did.

“esta pachanga esta perrona”

hmm, sounds like pure slang, the kind vulgar men would use to refer to women as sexual objects. And the kind that would be used to sell crappy beer.

My guess is it means (very loosely) “this chick is really hot”

pachanga is the monkey woman part, but I don’t think it would be used that way in any practicality. Kind of like “cabron” the root word is “cabra” which means “goat” but the end result is more like “fucker” or something like that.


Turns out I was dead wrong.

“Pachanga” means party. I kind of knew that, like I’d been told once before, but I’ve never had occasion to use it, so, it kind of slipped my mind.