Fresh from the womb: kitten pics!

So I’ve been fostering this pregnant cat who has been looking like she’s going to explode any second for about two weeks. This morning she gave birth to four fabulous kittens, with little drama or fuss. This is my first cat, and I am so loving this. Here are the pictures.

All together now: Squeee!

[gushes]Oooh, the little kitty piles, and their eyes haven’t even opened yet, and there’s the proud mommy…

SQUEEEEEEEEE! Socute![/gushes]

Oh, what good, healthy little sausages!

You got a litter you can actually tell apart - lucky you! Our fosters all seemed to have perfectly identical kitties - even down to all one sex. Have fun with the munchkins!

AWWW, how cute.

Wow, those are totally fresh! I was already at work when they were born! From womb to web in three hours!

Darling kitties! I hope you enjoy them.

OMG, I don’t know if anyone else will notice her, what with all the dear little babies, but that Mama cat is amazing! Look at those eyes!

I am literally squirming around in my chair at work with the urge to SQUEEE for all to hear. :slight_smile:

I know, I was really happy about that. I do think they are all boys, though–I’m not totally sure; I haven’t wanted to handle them too much and irritate mama.

Dung Beetle, yeah, she’s a knockout. Very good cat, too, except she hates my dogs (who have been absolutely angelic toward her, really). I’m hoping that’s maternal instinct and that she’ll get over it, because I wouldn’t mind keeping her (and maybe just one of the babies). I would so become a crazy animal hoarder if not for my dear husband. The thing is we’ll be moving back to the States in a couple of years and bringing a bunch of animals with us isn’t terribly convenient (and I’ll of course want more when we get there). Still…

Hee! Lookit her! She’s all “I can has privacy, plees?” :smiley:

(To all you Dope anti-lolcatters: fucko off. It’s a kitten thread, whatdidja expect?)

I just SQUEED for everyone here. Not loud enough to be heard outside of my office, but squeeage nonetheless.

MamaCat is a beautiful kitty as well—look at her eyes!

What fat babies! She’s a beautiful momma with beautiful babies! It’s a shame you are so far away - I would so love to have the little orange one! I brought 3 adult cats and two kittens back from Hawai’i with me; it really wasn’t that bad. Except for worrying about them the entire flight.

Oh, she’s beautiful! I have a weakness for calicos and torties. And SQUEEEEE! Kittens!

Squeeeeeee! They look older than “fresh” though. How freekin’ fun. I want da kiddens!

Unfortunately, no more room at Kalhoun’s Kitty Kabana. :frowning:

Awwwww, widdle baby fuzzer kitties! Squeeeeee!

And the mom cat is beautiful, too- I love calicos (my Luna is a dilute calico Siamese mix).

I have no emotional reaction at all to widdle biddy kitty cat pictures at all.


None at all.


Cuties! I’m kinda glad you are so far away - I’ve been debating getting another kitten ever since I lost my dear Bo in July. I’m looking for a boy cat since the three I have already are all girls.

Be careful with the dogs - I saw my cat (this was years ago) attack a St. Bernard when he wandered too close to her litter. She just clamped onto his face and held on for dear life until he ran the other direction. She had never been concerned about this dog before that. Neither animal was hurt, but the poor dog stayed far away after that.

I think I hurt myself trying not to SQUEEEE in the cube farm. Cute liddle fuzzy wuzzies, awww!

Thanks for sparing us the emerging pics! :smiley:

I iz ded from cute.

Awww!!! I love when tiny kittens curl up into a ball with each other…my three did that all the time.

the tini tiny earses!!!

soooooo cute.