Friday Night Lights is back -- sorta

It’s only on DirecTV’s channel T101 for now, but in February it’ll be on NBC. The premiere was 56 minutes, so they’ll have to cut some scenes when it moves to NBC.

It’s a bit odd, keeping these kids in high school when some of them had to be juniors or seniors three years ago. You have to just put that out of your mind and go with it, I guess.

Did anyone else watch? What did you think? I liked it, except for Tami being made principal. There’s been no hint in previous seasons that she had administrative experience, or that she would even want such a stressful, time-consuming job, what with the new baby and all.

We switched from DirecTV to Dish, so I am going to have to wait to see it. :frowning:

But I wanted to comment on the ages of the kids. I actually thought they were doing better than most shows with this…the storyline in the first season was that when Jason was hurt, Coach had to turn to the backup QB, Matt Saracen, who was only a sophomore at the time, then last season he was a junior, and now he’s a senior. The older ones have all graduated…Jason, Tim, and Smash, for instance. Although I didn’t see the episode, I heard there is a new freshman QB, so I guess writing new characters like that into the show will make it possible for them to keep letting people graduate and move on.

Matt was a sophomore in S1? I didn’t realize that. I guess I figured they’d have another senior, or even a junior, as backup QB.

They’ve kept Tim in school, but Smash has graduated.

Yeah, the freshman QB is a good addition.

I’m sorry you have to wait. The DTV episode ran 56 minutes, so they’ll be cutting stuff when it gets to NBC.

It is killing me, seriously. It was by far my favorite show last year! I’m particularly interested in the story line with Tim, but I am determined not to read spoilers, so I can’t participate in this thread any further. At least, I’m going to try not to! :frowning:

Looks like there aren’t many DTV viewers, so we’ll talk in February. :slight_smile: It’ll be fun to rewatch, knowing what’s going to happen.