Friday the 13th

I had a black cat cross my path, too! Too weird. The first thing I saw when I stepped out my door at the ungodly hour of 6:00 am was this beautiful, glowing, giant full moon. So far everything’s normal.

I believe this is called the Hunter’s Moon - they were talking about it on Earth & Sky the other morning. Isn’t the harvest moon in Sept? Not that I know - I’m neither a hunter nor a farmer. In fact, I’m not certain why I’m posting this anyway…

Happy Friday 13th, all!

I guess it’s really a pain in the ass to be a black cat on Friday the 13th, huh? All that path crossing to do and Halloween right around the corner besides. They should have a union.

Ad Noctum said:

"will you stay in your house the entire day with a flak jacket and a helmet on chanting “can’t sleep, clowns will eat me”? "

Hell, I do that every day.

Encore is showing spooky movies today in honor of the thirteenth. We have a black cat who crosses my path several times a day. She has gotten quite thin since my daughter moved away to college.

Happy Birthday, DoctorJ!

As fate would have it, we are releasing our latest system upgrade at 11:00pm tonight. :eek: God help us.

I’m not superstitious, but I am deathly afraid of clowns.
Thanks a lot for putting this visual in my head; now I AM scared!

:::runs off to find a helmet while chanting “can’t sleep, clowns will eat me; can’t sleep, clowns will eat me”:::

Also, within you can find find some tasteful nude pics of her.

You’re Welcome!

Iampunha had the right idea. Friday the 13th, full moon, superstitions, etc… the only thing that matters tonight is Midnight Madness.

I’m not the supersticious sort, and Friday the 13’s have generally been pretty normal days for me, but I’m beginning to think there may be some validity today.

Just past midnight - weird nightmare which I can only remember as having to do with being in a bus accident, wakes me up. Can’t get back to sleep.
After finally drifting off, my wife and I are awakened by a weird crunching sound. Our dog, Daisy-Bob, is chewing on one of those plastic take-out trays. Which leads me into an exhaustive investigation (consisting of walking into the kitchen) to find the garbage strewn everywhere.
After yelling at the dog, I clean up the mess, and go back to bed only to be met again with insomnia. After a while I notice that the alarm is about to go off anyway, so I get up to watch the early news.
“Can you turn off the TV, please, I’m still trying to sleep,” my wife says in a perfectly civil tone.
I, being prematurely surly, respond with, “I just want to watch the fucking news!”
My wife’s retort - “Whatever” - translation: “Fuck you.”
I arrive at the muni station just in time to miss the first train, having to wait 20 minutes for the next one.
So now here I am at work, in the shittiest mood I’ve been in in quite some time - no sleep, mad at the dog, managed to piss off my wife for no reason, late for work. Is this shaping up to be a classic Friday the 13th or what?

I’d just like to take this time to say …


There, I feel a little better now.

Sorry, my bad. Tonite is a blood moon not a harvest moon. Not that that makes things any better.

BTW not to worry about black cats. They are only bad luck when they cross your path and hiss at you. Otherwise they are a good omen.
Blessed Be!

I woke to find that my newspaper hadn’t been delivered for the 17th time since Aug 1, and when I tried to call to report it, I found that my phone is dead, and they can’t fix it until MONDAY.

All this was before I found out it was Fri the 13th. Explain THAT, David B.


(David, I’m only joking. You know I love you and want to marry you.)

Just want to report I am having a good day.
Went and got my new glasses, now am heading off to a friend’s niece’s birthday party!

Actually, this has been a pretty lousy week for me. I was sick (I have four – yes, four – simultaneous painful cold sores), saw the Yankees lose twice, failed a math test, and accidentally punched a girl I like.

Today, on the other hand, has been excellent. Woke up a half hour late but got to school on time anyway, aced two tests, feeling better, etc. So, my theory is that my internal polarity has somehow become reversed (maybe I was hit by lightning, I’m not sure) and from now on I’ll have good luck on Friday the 13th and bad luck every other day. So I guess now I’ll have a good day every two years or so. Oh, well.

it is also in the year 2000, which, as everyone knows, is a large round number, so sure to being evil… or good…

Did you realize that a “Black Cat Society” exists? There are always 13 members. They only meet on a Friday that happens to be the 13th. Full moon is a plus. Sure, it’s dated, but kinda cool. They pet black cats, walk under ladders, and break mirrors. Not bad for a society that started in the thirties. I wish them well!

I had a great day. I work in a funky video store, and was afraid the wierdos would come out of the woodwork, but not so. The worst thing that happened was that someone rented Friday the 13th part one and part two. We had been planing on watching it once the kiddies ceased to enter the store. Feh. I lobbied for Friday the 13th part eight: Jason Takes Manhattan, just because it reminded me of the Muppets Take Manhattan. But instead we watched Pyscho, Misery and Dead Alive. I stayed overtime to watch the ear fall off in Dead Alive. Heh.

Now that I think of it, Friday the 13ths have always been fun. I can’t wait till the next one!