Friend at a Lousy College?

A friend of mine is now in her first few days at a college here on the Island (she transferred from somewhere else). I’m concerned that the place sucks. She sees a lot of people we went to high school with there, and they were all dopes and losers. In an economics class the other day, my friend was the only person who knew that America has a capitalist economy. Likewise, no one in the class knew what the Industrial Revolution was.

Anybody else been in a situation like this? I don’t plan to say anything to her, but she’ll be there for about a year and a half, and her stories so far don’t fill me with confidence in this particular institution of higher learning. :dubious:

Well, it sounds like the friend might be a big fish in a little pond. The professors will really like your friend!

Having gone to one college on the island, and currently attending another, I’d like to know which school your friend goes to.

Email me if you don’t want to advertise which school.

Check your e-mail, sara.

Don’t let it be the one she’s at, don’t let it be the one she’s at, don’t let it be the one she’s at…

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I know a friend’s daughter ended up at a college on LI (the one where the Jets train) and, ended up standing up in the middle of an English class discussing “A Modest Proposal” and screaming, “It’s a satire, you idiots!!!”

She ended up transferring.

Well, some colleges have a real gift for bringing students along and turning them into knowledgeable, curious scholars in spite of themselves. Where the professors really know how to teach. Let’s hope this is one of them. Your friend might lack for interesting conversations with peers now, but who knows what might happen by the end of the semester.

I actually ended up at a college where most of the people were capable and curious but not all academically sharp. I could catch onto ideas and lessons a lot more quickly than some of the students around me. I started to get a little snobby about this. You can’t imagine my shock and shame when a professor sent me a letter over the summer. He said he recognized my potential and maybe I could’ve fit in well at an Ivy. But he said he felt sad to see me missing out on so much by my attitude–that I still had a lot to learn, and could learn a lot even from the students around me; that I should never feel better than them.

And he was right. There were plenty of smart people at my school, even if there weren’t loads of them packed into every class. And even the ones who labored more to grasp hard ideas had talents and gifts–and sometimes more interesting ways to reflect on issues and problems. Best conversation I ever had about Philosophy was with some stoner who loved the Allegory of the Cave.

The other thing was that my college had a real commitment to teaching writing–they had a lot of students who needed help with it, and the truth was almost anyone’s writing can be improved, even gifted writers. No professor ever gave me a by on my writing. When I got to grad school, I ended up having friends from better schools–who had been ENGLISH majors, no less–asking for help with their papers. I pondered the irony of the econ major (myself) from Nowheresville U reading drafts for my Yalie and Dartmouth housemates.

I hope that if your friend stays at that school, she ends up having the same great experience I did.

But my immediate advice for her to to go find the pockets of intellect on the campus. They’re there. Maybe it’s the chess club, or in the philosophy classes, or among the international students. Even if she wants to transfer eventually, she needs to try to carve out a good experience for herself while she is there.

I went to a pretty crappy college on the Island myself - class of '85. There isn’t a day that goes by in the last 18 years that I don’t wonder why I stayed. But you know what, that’s my fault. I wasn’t in business, education or aeronautics; it I had been, I would have ended up with a very good education.

I must say, I’m curious as to the college in the OP. May I ask if it’s the “Personal College”?

Where I went to university, stupid questions posed by lecturers tended to hang in the air like sudden flatulence. No one wanted to lower themselves to answering painfully obvious questions – it’s somewhat embarassing. I realise you’re just giving examples, but sometimes the failure of a class to answer a question doesn’t mean literally no one knows the answer.

That said, maybe she is in a college full of dolts. What are the entrance requirements to the institution like? That should give some idea as to the level of doltitude.

Why did she transfer into such a poor college? Didn’t she do some research on the college before applying to it?

[“Simpsons” Reference]
“If you can read this, you’re accepted”
[/“Simpsons” Ref]

Nope, not that one, Caricci. :wink:

As you may have gathered, it is in fact the school I now attend. Which is pretty funny.

I’ve got only good things to say about the school so far. Small classes, nice people, great professors. Of course I’m only 2 weeks into my first semester, but it’s a great first impression to have for the next 3 years!

Which is the personal college? Dowling?