Friendship & enabling

This thread brought this topic to mind.

My interest, tho, is slightly different.

Where do we draw the line between enabling behavior and allowing others personal freedom?

We care about our friends/family. If we saw them about to take off in a car that we knew had defective brakes, I suspect we all would go running and attempt to stop them. But there are a long list of potentially dangerous behaviors that humans do, including abuse of substances, over eat, smoke cigarettes, engage in risky sexual behavior, drive erratically, etc.

In some cases, it can be argued that pointing out the risky behavior to a loved one, can be seen as an act of loving concern (interventions for example, can be a theaputic tool). In other cases, their risky behavior may put others at risk as well (parents smoking around a young child for example, or committing crimes which would create a risk to the children of going to foster care).

But, on the other hand, adults have free will. and, in most cases, it can be argued, that they are aware of the risks, or feel that the risk is either less likely for them for some reason, or worth the risk because of the benefits they derive from the risky behavior.

Well, where do you draw the line(s)? (ex: when innocent others may be involved, when death is risked, when financial ruin is risked, etc, etc.) and why?

For me personally, at this point in my life, if asked, I will share my opinion of the relative risks, this I would do for casual friends etc (if asked). In addition, if the person were a close friend/relative, and I believed thew were unaware of the risks or of help available, then I may make some mention. I have also taken the proactive stance of not assisting those close to me in their self destruction (for example, I refused to serve two specific alcoholics any alcoholic beverages - for casual friends etc, I would automatically try to not let them drive drunk for example, but not necessarily refuse to serve them a beer). I am willing, however, to modify my position should some one persuade me otherwise.