Fringe 1/11 Yes, on Monday!

Wait. I have a question.
Didn’t the FBI sidekick guy who is actually an evil clone thingy from the other world die already? I mean, didn’t his replacement clone thingy die too? Why is he in this episode?

Remind me.


Uh, is this unaired from season one? I found this site that says something along those lines:

Only skimming here Ma, I did read that there was one episode with Charlie still in the can.

I didn’t watch tonight, Big Bang night and all. [don’t see a thread for it yet.]

I noticed that too. Plus, there was an observer. Weird.

If I hadn’t flipped the channel I never would have known it was on. I didn’r recognize the episode form the bits I saw but couldn’e be sure it was new either.


Confirmed now.

I’m reading that this was an unaired S1 episode. The episode was weak and featured very minimal religious themes, which might have called it to be pulled.

It was dull, really.

A big WTF moment when Agent Charlie Francis just walked in like he’d never been cloned and killed.

Anyway, seems clear to me that they wanted to salvage the unaired S1 episode to use the idea of Rusk body jumping for a future storyline. That ending seemed very tagged on, like they shot it this year so they could retrofit the episode. They should’ve put “1 year ago” or something at the beginning of the ep.

Even for Fringe, this one seemed really far out there and poorly written, although, I have to say the girl actress was really good (and looked eerily like Brittany Murphy… back from the dead, indeed).

I told my friend “Hey we’ve seen two dimensions so far, why not a third.” Of course we were waiting for the tie in to the main story, but I came across this thread and let my friend know it was a recycled episode.

The ending felt like the lame ending to a weak X-files episode.