Fringe 11/18 "The Equation"

This show is starting to settle into its own groove. I don’t think it’s an absolutely brilliant show by any means, but it’s better than so much of the crap that’s on TV.

I’m still waiting for it to have a great episode, but it’s still better than X-files in its firs season. Of course, its writers also has the advantage of having watched X-files and tons of other shows, so it should be better.

Anyway, this week was intriguing. I’m glad Walter got the test of the lights right the first time, instead of tons of trial and error.

Uh…what was that machine? He pulled an apple out of it, then killed the girl. Did you even hear a gun shot when he killed her? Did he…make the apple or something? I really got lost there at the end.

Gotta admit I find the show interesting even with the phony science, although I’m leery of Abrams setting up another “Lost”-like mystery with no answers. I hope there’s a definite story arc to the whole “Pattern”, even if that means the show either ends after a couple of seasons or finds something else to go on.

Regarding the end of this week’s episode:I thought there was a gunshot, although it was sort of combined with a music pop, so it just sounded like a loud noise. The machine was weird; it looked to me like he put an apple inside a safe-like box, locked it in, then attached some strange contraption to the back of the box featuring fabric panels that stretched across leaving a space in the middle. When he entered the equation into the attached computer, the fabric began to vibrate, then he put on a rubber glove, reached into the space in the fabric, and pulled the apple out - presumably out through the back of the solid box. And it seemed to require some effort to do so. So, I dunno - the equation proved the last step in some kind of matter-phasing contraption?

Well, Lost has answers, but Abrams had no idea. Read the article I’ve linked below to get an idea about what happened on Lost. Basically, Abrams seems to set things up without resolution, but when others take over(Cruse on Lost), things work out. I hope Fringe will have a good show-runner to take things over.

Lost Show-runners Talk

Enjoyed this week’s episode. Still really like the main characters. Peter & Walter had some fine interactions tonight. But I’m still mystified by that apple bit.

I really enjoyed this episode since Walter was the star. It was so moving when he asked, “is that what I sound like to you?”

This was the best episode of the series so far, IMHO. They really do seem to be finding their footing.

I really have to hand it to John Noble. He knocked it out of the park on this one. Watching the struggle as Walter tried to stay sane gave a great glimpse into the character and his demons. Really excellent acting. Props also to Randall Duk Kim as Dashiell.

The one complaint I have was the reincarceration of Bishop. They wouldn’t have needed a court order to get him out, the “warden” would have needed one to keep him. I understand that it was necessary to the plot, but it rankled.

The Fringe will send this episode into the Emmys I’d wager.

Yeah. I’m reminded of an old episode of Looney Tunes after seeing that. Portable Holes
I liked when

Olivia chased after the kidnapper, and went through the hall with the lights. I don’t fully understand how Olivia fell victim to the time warp effect, having only seen the red green light patern once. -Unless thats exactly how it feels in real life. In any event, it was a great move by the kidnapper to do that.

Presumably, the kidnapper’s giant-sized version acted faster than the smaller one in the car? Olivia then stood there for a while until her partner came and snapped her out of it.

Did the Observer (the creepy bald dude) make an appearance in this episode?

We’ve been looking for him (spotted him in the last 2 episodes, IIRC), but didn’t see him in this one

Do you have screen caps of him in the last episodes? I hadn’t realized we were supposed to be looking for him(Like the G-man in Half-life).

I’ve only seen him in his original appearance.

In the previous episode - he is in the crowd as Dunham exits the airport - in front of her.

I did not see him in this episode, but will be rewatching it anyway, will report if no one else does or if I find him.

I found them myself.

I now have another reason to pay close attention to Fringe episodes.

See every appearance here:

The Observer