Fringe 4/29

Watching it now, I didn’t have any of Walter’s Brown Betty so I’ve had a couple glasses of wine which might make it seem better. I was expecting to be disappointed with the obvious fluff/filler episode but I’m enjoying it. I’m curious, is there a name for the style, you know old-fashioned forties style mixed with modern day tech? It reminds me a little of steampunk.
Broyles can sing!


If that isn’t the name for it then it should be.


I prefer non-gimmicky Fringe episodes with less sing song. If i want song and dance numbers I’ll tune into American Idol or Glee.

I love Walter so very, very much. “I was roughed up a lot as a child.”

That reminds me that I heard a while back that Lance Reddick (Broyles) actually is a musician too.

Wow. What an amazing glimpse into Walter’s mind. This episode is so jam packed with ideas about the characters and how Walter feels about himself and the people he knows and/or loves… I need to sleep on it and then watch again to process it all.

Great job, show!

I loved it. It may be my favorite episode so far.

They actually pulled it off. When I saw the preview for it last week… my mind went “UGH.” Especially coming off of such a downbeat but incredible episode last week, they announce the dancy, playfully noir musical episode? I was very skeptical.

First, I love Walter’s unabashed love for mind-altering drugs.

Anyway, this still felt Fringe-y, while really getting into Walter’s emotions about what he’s done, and how he feels about Peter. Very metaphoric and fun, it was. I also loved the look on Astrid’s face when he mentioned her character’s name: Esther Figglesworth (or something?). That, and how Olivia’s niece sweetly, but naively “corrected” the ending. You could get a sense from Walter that sentiment was his real wish, but knows reality will be much less storybookish.

Also, what did the Observer at the very end mean by Walter’s forgotten about the warning. It appears I have too… unless it’s supposed to be cryptic.

P.S. I loved the colored polka-dotted cow. I wanted to play Twister on her.

Well I thought it was about as awful as a Star Trek The Next Generation holodeck episode. I could never stand those departures and this tasted the same way.

But that’s just me.

My reception was so awful last week that I couldn’t hear dialogue and missed most of the picture. Could somebody completely spoil last week’s episode?

I put on some red lipstick to watch :D.

The red vines killed me - all Walter’s drug stuff is too funny: beaker bong!

By the time Olivia was getting nailed into a coffin and tossed in the ocean, I was thinking “This is a leeeetle dark for a little girl…” Also, did Walter ever un-kill her MOMMY?

I can see how it would drive some people crazy, but I thought it was charming. Especially all the steampunk anachronisms. And Walter’s notebook - I’d love a look through that!

I forgot to add that I am on dial up so I can’t watch last week’s episode online.

I missed last week’s episode too! Why has Peter gone missing?
missed part of last night’s too but saw enough to be amazed all over again at John Noble’s acting. I think he could have a go at Lear

And me as well.

I’m declaring Fox’s “music week” a failure. This episode was annoying, and it followed a near-unwatchable Bones. “In the tradition of Buffy the Vampire Slayer” my ass.

Let’s see if I have this right - someone was trying to come into Earth Prime from the Alternate Earth; Peter was on the bridge trying to prevent him from coming through. A soldier who was also there exploded in a fine mist of deconstructed human from the resonances of the device used to prevent the person coming through; Peter himself was untouched by them, and surmised (correctly) that he is actually from the Alternate Earth, not from Earth Prime. He was rendered unconscious by the act of preventing the being from coming through (although it looks like the being made it through after all), and when he woke up in a hospital room, he told Walter that he knew what Walter had done, his mother had killed herself from the guilt of what Walter had done, to get out of his room, etc. Olivia brought the news to Walter later that Peter had disappeared from the hospital and hasn’t been seen since.

That is, Peter has not been seen, not Olivia.

So Peter’s mother killed herself? I missed that plot point somehow.

Yeah, Peter told Olivia that he thought that Walter was finally going to talk to him about his mother’s death: Walter told him that she’d died in a (car?) accident, but Peter knew that she’d killed herself.
I like the term Noirpunk because I too thought it was a cross between Noir and steampunk. This episode kind of reminds me of the Anthony Hopkins version of Titus Andronicus, which I love. I did like this episode too, but I think it reached a bit too high, and the execution didn’t live up to its potential.

As cute as the niece’s “correction” of the end of the story was, I’m glad that Walter isn’t under the illusion that it’s going to be easy to win Peter back.

It’s also pretty clear from his anger that he’s totally misinterpreted why Walter brought him to Earth Prime. He didn’t bother to listen to Walters story, and since he’s spent so much time with Olivia, I’m pretty sure he thinks he was part of an experiment.

In answer to cmyk. Two weeks back or maybe three, they had an episode that showed one of the wathchers saving Peter and Walter immediately after they arrive on Earth Prime. The rescue had been also mentioned previously, anywhoo, when they come through the gateway, which Walt had built on top of a frozen lake, they crashed through the ice. The watcher drives Walter and Peter most of the way home and tells Walter to take care of Peter and that Peter will be very important to some future event.