Fringe April 1 2010

Wow, they de-aged Walter really well, actually.

Also, loved the 1985 opening credits. Very cool.

I also love that Eric Stoltz got to stay in Back to the Future in the other world.

Eric Stoltz in Back to The Future

So how did Peter forget about the other world and all the advanced technology?

In the opening shots they did a good job on his face, digitally, I presume. But later they sort of let it go. In some shots his supposed younger self looked his true age.

I enjoyed this episode even though it just played out what we pretty much already knew. I think the only real revelation was that a Watcher distracted Alter-Walter from seeing that he had found the cure for his son and was subsequently helpful in getting Walter and the other Peter safely back to our world.

“Alter-Walter” :D.

I was surprised to see the backstory on Nina’s arm.
(On her, the de-aging didn’t go so well.)

It was a great episode and my spousette actually watched it with me because “there’s actually nothing gross in this one!”

I couldn’t stop giggling at the opening credits, very well done.

This show keeps surprising me. When it first came on I assumed it was a cheap X-Files rip off, but my wife got hooked, then me, then we bought the first season on DVD over Christmas to catch up.

I hope they’re able to maintain the quality.

I thought it was “Walternate”. Or did they say both?

I heard Walternate.

I’m terrified of what Walternate may have been doing over the past 25 years.

Aside from that, I think it was a bit of a revelation (to me, anyway) of Walter’s intent. My assumption until last night was that Walter was so overcome with grief over the death of his son that he created a portal into the other world just to kidnap him. While that is basically what he ended up doing, his motivation was a little different. It looks like he had resigned himself to being content that alternate Peter was going to live a full life in the alternate universe. It was only when he realized that Walternate was NOT going to be able to cure him did he make the leap. And even then, it looks like he was going to attempt to cure him and leave him in the alternate universe, until he broke the medicine bottle.

Which doesn’t make what he did to Walternate and his alternate wife any less monstrous – but at least I feel I’m better able to follow his descent from loving father into kidnapper a bit better.

Does Walternate know of other universes? I mean, he should, considering Bell is over there now. Isn’t it possible Walternate knows what has occurred and will be coming over to get revenge?

Question – Walter’s blonde lab assistant from the 80s – was it her who was killed in the accident that precipitated Walter’s committment to the asylum?

I can’t remember if they mentioned her name or not. It may be two different people.

But if they’re the same person, it might support the idea that the “accident” was not an accident at all. Especially if she had strong reservations against what Walter did. Not that Walter would have killed her (although I wouldn’t put it past him, pre-brain surgery), but certainly William Bell or Nina would have motivation to keep her quiet.

People who know Peter is from the alternate universe:
Water’s wife
William Bell
Blonde lab assistant
Olivia (now)
Perhaps the priest who presided over Peter’s funeral, although I’m not sure that’s relevant

Anyone else?

Indeed. I’m currently trying to formulate a theory that Walternate will turn out to be the Big Bad, ultimately behind the Pattern and everything. Haven’t completely thought it through, yet.

Stupid digital tv made me miss the first 8 minutes.

Anyway, I agree that Walter’s de-aging looked good but Nina looked the same. As soon as she showed up to stop Walter I had a feeling it was going go show how she really lost her arm.

Is there only one William Bell and two of everybody else???

I was smiling at randwill’s construction (just above my post).

Knowing how quick Walter is at figuring out something that he’s never seen before, we can assume that once Walternate hears from his wife that his exact clone came and whisked his son away, that he’ll figure out that there was an alternate universe himself.

There was that LSD woman from the shapeshifter episodes. She realized Peter was from the alternate universe.

So it would make sense that Walternate would focus entirely on getting Peter back.

I’m surprised he hasn’t visited the show, yet.

Are you sure he hasn’t?

I mean in a way we have known…or did he?