Fringe "Immortality" Feb 11, 2011 (spoilers)

I’m not a big fan of “over there” episodes, but I found this one a lot less annoying than the ones with Olivia trapped on the other side. It did remind me of the X-Files bug episodes quite a bit (more “War of the Coprophages” than “Lord of the Flies” though) but that’s okay.

Does anyone have any idea how long Frank was supposed to be gone? I could have sworn that it was only supposed to be a few weeks (5? 7?), but obivously it turned out to be longer than six. It had to be a lot longer, considering how sure he was…

Oh, and for my next trick, I’m going to be concentrating on predicting powerball numbers :slight_smile: I find it interesting that I was ultimately wrong about how it happened, but not about Walternate’s plans.

Speaking of future speculation, if they do manage to widdle it down to just one world, can we save Lincoln and OtherCharlie?

Spoiling another guy’s surprise marriage proposal – kind of a dick move for Lincoln.

The smitten bug expert looked rather tasty, I have to say. I remember the actress from Supernatural, and she was merely attractive there. Maybe it was the wardrobe, or maybe it was the fact that her Supernatural storyline was sorta weighty and stuff.

It was interesting to see precisely how far Walternate WON’T go.

I really liked that scene. I think part of the reason for this episode is to say “These guys are just like us.” They did a good job fleshing out the characters but still dropping us in the middle of their story. They added a character trait for Lincoln - he can’t keep a secret. He wasn’t being a dick, did you see how excited he was when he went to tell Olivia?

Really. It’s easy to think of Walternate as Walter’s evil twin (or perhaps easier to forgive Walter his past, barely remembered misdeeds), but this added some complexity to his character. I’ve always found Walter unsettling because he’s quite likable despite having done horrific things, so this is an interesting flip-side: Walternate is unlikable but also does honorable things too.

I like “bug girl” -I hope we meet this Universe’s version.


I’m still voting for dick move. I mean, I can’t imagine that the inability to keep a secret is what Fringe Division looks for in its agents.

Lincoln is in love/infatuated with Olivia. Charlie teases Lincoln about kissing Olivia in one episode and Lincoln has always seemed affectionate and protective toward her.

I would say he wants to see Olivia happy but he wasn’t getting good news from Frank, Frank was putting the nail in his coffin.

Interesting ep mainly for Walternate showing that he won’t cross a line that Walter had no problem crossing, experimenting on kids. Makes you think that maybe if Walter had his missing brain chunks he’d possibly be a worse guy than Walternate.

Saw the twist about Olivia coming from a mile away, after the Observer saying that stuff to Peter about being a father, then the whole thing about how he’s going to have to choose between Olivia and Olivia, which is a no brainer until suddenly oh, Olivia’s gonna be your baby momma. Not to mention all that exposition in the early part of the ep establishing just how long it’d been since Olivia had seen Frank.

Yeah, I saw it as “oh my god I don’t know how to react to being crushed by this news” plus a little sub/conscious “maybe if I spoil the surprise it won’t go well for Frank” rather than a general inability to keep secrets.

I know people were worried about the move to Friday, but it seems as though the ratings haven’t tanked as feared. ::fingers crossed::