Fringe - October 14, 2011

Well, I thought that was a pretty good episode. I’m glad they brought Peter back quickly.

Frankly, I wonder if by the end of this season he’ll restore the original timeline.

I really enjoyed that. Yay! Peter’s back! I’d like to see Walter more eccentric, and less bat-shit crazy, like he used to be, but I guess they’re illustrating the difference that Peter made in him.

Here’s an interesting video that sheds some light on what happened.

Whoah, kind of disorienting to hear John Noble talk in his real voice. I only know him from Fringe and LOTR, and had NO idea he was Australian. Cool.

It was nice to go back to the cortexiphan kids again. Another aspect of the old universe that’s different in the current version. I guess the trial participants that joined Olivia and Walter in their red-side adventure are not dead in the current configuration.

ETA: You know that Anna Torv is also an Aussie, right? Look for the Paley Center talks to hear them both use their real voices.

So, Peter eventually succeeds in emerging into this timeline where he doesn’t exist. I’m supposing he wasn’t necessarily incorporeal, but either lost between universes, or perhaps even in the original “blue” universe.

Which brings up some questions. He seemed quite stymied that no one knew who he was. Also, I think building the machine in 2026 and bringing the bridge between worlds was only half the plan. Future Walter and Peter must’ve known there might be unpredictable consequences, but I’m thinking Peter wasn’t ready for the fact he’d return to a timeline where he still died as a boy.

In the preview for this coming episode, Peter exclaims:

“Walter, you have to help me figure out what went wrong!” The Observers maybe?

It also raises a question that’s been bugging me. A paradox: If the time machine was built for Peter to move 15 years into the future, then hatch a plan in the future with his dad to alter the past, thereby leading to his demise as a child… in this new “orange” timeline, where Peter didn’t survive his childhood, who activated the machine? Olivia?

Or maybe for them is was merely built, but they were scratching their heads over what to do next?

I hope we get some mind-bending, yet satisfying answers!

I like how Peter re-incorporated probably in the same spot he fell through the ice and drowned. Good episode.

The producers say they have answers. I just hope that they’re good ones.

But didn’t Lost have the same producers? Or are they both just J.J. Abrams shows?

Did Lost have Jeff Pinkner and Joel Wyman as producers?

Oh, and while looking up the producer’s names I came across this.

I’m going to make a prediction

Alt Nina is responsible for the new shape shifters

Alt Nina will have a human hand and the rest of her will be a robot - my prediction. :slight_smile:

Oh, poor Peter. All that trouble to finally get back, and his girl doesn’t even know who he is! This will be a tough row to hoe.

I wish I could think of a funny reply with the words “an easy hoe to row” in it. :smiley:

Sounds like an EastEnders ref :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve heard of the show, but being a bloody yank I’ve never seen it.

Even if it’s on BBC America I’ve still never seen it.

Quickly? The season’s like a quarter or more over!:smack:

Spoiler tag removed from quote because speculation is not a spoiler

Maybe she’s responsible for all the blimps, too! :smiley:

There was a really funny moment in this episode where Walter called Astrid by the wrong name and she was all “that doesn’t even start with A.”

Looks like this coming week is a rerun for some reason. :frowning:

I mean it only took three episodes to bring him back. They could have drawn it out much longer.


World Series. They always go into reruns/hiatus then.

Which fits with your username*. That is, without the World Series (well, MLB in general) money Fox may not be as willing to keep a low rating, yet critical and devoted fan darling, on the air.


*For those unaware: TANSTAAFL - There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

Um…it’s on Fox. In America.

Yeah, dude, this is an American show.