Fringe October 14

Well, I’m going to miss Newton but I guess Sebastian Roché must have other shows to do.

It’s nice to see that next week Olivia comes home. It will be interesting to see how they handle that.

And even though she had to play along to avoid suspicion, I can’t help but feel that Fauxlivia enjoyed getting rid of Newton seeing as how she never liked him anyway.

And finally, unless the suicide tablet destroyed it, Walter should be able to get the data disk from Newton’s spine once it’s discovered that he’s dead.

I’m pretty sure that the data disk is destroyed in the suicide, otherwise there wouldn’t have been much point to it. By the way, why didn’t Newton shift into a new form as soon as he became known?

How about the data disk from the cop in Newton’s trunk. That should be recoverable.

Peter: Maybe she just made excuses to explain away the differences. Like I’ve been doing with you.

Fauxlivia: With me?

Peter: Yeah. Ever since you’ve been back, it’s almost like you’re a completely different person. It’s as if you’re not the Olivia I know and love. It’s almost like you’re the ALTERNATE Olivia and you replaced the REAL Olivia and infiltrated THIS universe in a covert operation to retrieve MISSING PARTS for the DOOMSDAY DEVICE that WILL OBLITERATE THIS UNIVERSE IN A VILE JUMBLE OF QUANTUM BAFFLEMENT AND EXCRUCIATING DEATH O-

Kramer: NEWMAN!

Yeah, but he probably doesn’t know anything other than Newton’s identity.

So, did the shape-shifter cop’s family get killed or not? Newton implied at first that he took care of them and then told the cop that he didn’t. This seemed to motivate the shape-shifter cop to take care of the senator’s data disk in the hope that he could return to his family.

And then the cop was killed by Newton. So is the family dead or not? Seems like the shape shifters are getting sloppy and sentimental.

It seemed implied by Newton that he was to accept the mission, shift into a new identity as a MD scientist, and move on. I’m guessing it’s protocol to kill any loose ends (and probably by the same shifter, in this case, Dad-Cop).

However, The Cop tried to complete the mission without shifting so he could save his family. Newton saw through this (or was privvy to it) due to his hesitation, so he went ahead and killed his family for him (how thoughtful) while the Cop was getting the data. So, when the Cop got back, he was thinking he could pickup his family, and get the hell outta dodge, except, Newton didn’t like that idea.

Not next week, in November. Fucking baseball…:mad:

Anyway, seems weird to see Walter working in Massive Dynamic. I hope it’s just temporary, the Harvard lab has so much more character to it. And a cow.

Newton said he had not killed them.

I’m happy he has Massive Dynamic. It puts him on a more even playing field with Walternate now.

And for the cop’s family, first Newton says he took care of it, then when the cop gets upset he says he didn’t kill them and it’s cop’s job to do so, which was kind of confusing.

Wasn’t that said with smugness because Newton had framed the Cop to make it look like a Murder/Suicide? Sure, Newton killed his family, but it’s going to look like the Cop did it.

It didn’t sound like it. It sounded as if he were trying to trick the cop into admitting he never intended to kill them. Now, he might have killed them anyway and just said he hadn’t, but I didn’t get that impression.

I’m not sure Newton was a shapeshifter, what with the detachable head and all. Maybe he was some sort of control unit.

A shot to the forehead would not scream “suicide” to me as far as the forensics. If Newton wanted to frame the cop, he’d have done it and done it right.

And besides, Newton was stuffing the body into his trunk. If the dead cop was found an autopsy would reveal that he wasn’t quiet human.

Forgive me for being both gauche and not terribly bright, but was this the first time Peter and (Any)livia had sex? This whole romance thing is just being handled so awkwardly.

I’m sure it’s their first time.

Someone help me remember: did Peter suffer a head injury during the last season finale? At this point I want to reach through the screen and shake him.

He admits that she seems like a different person, but then sleeps with her anyway. I’m guessing one of two possibilities:
[li]He’s on to her, but wants the sex anyway.[/li][li]His emotions are overriding his logic.[/li][/ol]