Friz Lang's "Metropolis" is coming in 2010!


This restoration contains over 30 minutes of ‘lost’ footage that was rediscovered in Argentina in 2008, and is reported to expand on the relationship between Freder and 3 of his friends, dealing with steadfastness, abandonment, and betrayal.

Anybody going to the premiere in Berlin on February 12th?

I fear I must miss the premiere, but I will look forward to the DVD release shortly after. I admit to being fascinated with this movie since the 1984 release, soundtracked by such notables as Adam Ant, Freddy Mercury, Jon Anderson, and Pat Benatar.

[sub]Rotwang! heh heh heh…[/sub]

I’ll definitely buy the DVD.

It’ll also be playing at the Turner Classics Film Festival in Hollywood in April.

I am loathe to admit that I have never seen Metropolis, so this will be my introduction to it.

I’m really looking forward to it. I won’t have to buy it, because I have a friend who is a silent film fanatic. I don’t think he’s stopped drooling since they discovered the lost footage.

Holy Shit!

I have what I thought was the ORIGINAL???

Fritz Lang rocks! and METROPOLIS rocks as well!

Still wishing I had the Rick Wakeman version.

Thanks for recognizing this very imporant film!


Hot DAMN! I hadn’t heard of the rediscovered footage at all, but this one’s gonna be on my 2010 Christmas wish list for sure. (Even with the overt class collaborationist ending.)

/me jumps up and down screaming

I am going to be on a cruise on the date … and not able to participate =(

I suppose I will try to set up my dvr for it… once they show it …

/me hides in corner sobbing

As weve pointed out before, Rick Wakeman didn’t do a scoring of Metropolis. Giorgio Moroder did. I’ve got a copy, and I love it (you either love it or hate it.)

A lot of people get confused becauase Wakeman did do a score for the silent Phantom of the Opera. I’ve seen it, and loathe it, although I am otherwise a big fan of Wakeman.

I’m sure glad I kept putting off buying the Kino deluxe version.