Metropolis (Kino) Re-release

Kino is releasing what is supposed to be the most “authentic” version of this movie on Feb. 18. I’ve got a crappy version from the 80s featuring non-original subtitles and I think a score by Queen…(actually, its not that bad in and of itself).

Before I run out and buy this though, I just want to make sure this is indeed what it is claimed to be. Can you film buffs out there reassure me that this is the deffinitive version?

I saw it in the theater last summer. It was amazing. There was an entire added subplot that made the main plot much clearer, and the restored film looked absolutely stunning. It was terrific.

There are several points, especially toward the end, when the film is simply missing, and title cards tell us what happens in the missing footage. Nonetheless, this is as definitive a version as will ever be put together. I’d say yes, go ahead and get it.

Excellent. I was watching the trailer at the Kino website and I’m really excited about this.

Keep that crappy 80’s version with the rock music score. It’s currently out of print for legal reasons and is something of a collector’s item.

I shouldn’t have said “I have”…what I meant was “I’ve seen”.

The “crappy 80’s version” is usually referred to as the “Giogio Moroder” version.

Ya, I know. But I didn’t think anybody else would :wink:

I actually like Giogio Moroder.

I think that the soundtrack is the reason I’ve watched the film so many times.

I’d still be keen to see the new version, though. Sounds interesting.

I confess that I’m in the minority of those who find the Moroder version fairly palatable. But them I’m in the minority who doesn’t really like Metropolis. To my taste, the Dr. Mabuse films or Frau im Mond are better. But each to their own.
Haven’t seen the new version.