Metropolis has been rediscovered

Fitz Langs legendary masterpiece Metropolis has been rediscovered. The film was heavily edited for American audiences, with key scenes being cut out. For 80 years the edited version has been all that is available. Now we can see it in its former glory.

some stills here:

I am so very happy about this. This is an amazing iconic film. Everyone has seen parts of it, even if they don’t know it. I can’t wait to see it.

I learned about this in the Bricker’s Time Machine thread. It’s so cool that I thought it deserved its own thread.

Holy crap! That’s awesome!

Excellent! I fell in love with the version that came out in the mid-80’s, and I look forward to seeing a complete one.

And for everyone who has never seen it, here is a little trailer [Youtube].

Awesome! I’ll be eager to see it…

Fritz Rasp? Is his character the one that Freder Frederson won’t let shoot himself after he gets fired, then sends him to his own apartment, at which time he goes on a tear with Freder’s wallet?


Woohoo! Excellent news!

I wish the music wasn’t so loud - I can barely hear the actors.

This is very cool. I have a poorly transfered DVD of the American version. I look forward to seeing this version.

Does this version finally clear up just what Joh Fredersen was trying to do with the Robot-Maria? Or what Rotwang intended by helping him?

:slight_smile: Heh.

Hot damn! This is about one step below finding the grail.

Wow! Metropolis! Wow!

This is probably a good place for a link to the Queen video: Radio Ga Ga.

This is seriously freaking awesome. Fabulous news to end my night on.


Awesome. I can’t wait until someone integrates the found footage with the existing restoration work.

Hoorah! I bought a copy to fulfill my dream of changing the music to Stereolab. My version sucks, is cut off at the sides, and I couldn’t even watch it all the way through.

Has anyone else read Ted McKeever’s Metropolis? It’s a wacko Superman version of the tale.

According to the article, what has been found is the complete original film before any edits have been made. The copy has to be cleaned up and restored, but otherwise, it doesn’t have to be integrated with anything else, as it contains all scenes currently known and those previously unknown.

Ran into the edit window.
It is like the Star Trek pilot episode The Cage. It was cut up to make up the episode The Menagerie, and the complete color episode was subsequently thought to be lost. Then a complete copy of it was found in a film lab in the 1980’s.

I know that historically Metropolis is far more important than The Cage, but the circumstances are similar.

Yeah, but I think it would be easy if they just do the restoration work on the chunks that are missing and integrate it with the stuff that has been restored rather than redo the entire print.