From bad to worse - hubby got laid off too (or anyone looking for an M.E.T?)

Sorry, this is long…

As most of you know, I was laid off shortly after I told my supervisor about my pregnancy (link to that story ). Things have been tight, with only one of us working and the other drawing EI, but we’ve managed, until now.

My husband just got laid off. He’s a certified Mechanical Engineering Technologist. He has been out punding the pavement for a few days now, and I am trying to stay “up”. He’s a very traditional guy, I know it’s killing him to feel that he can’t “provide” for his family. I have been helping him where possible, writing cover letters etc. I can’t really take a full-time job yet because I am breastfeeding and the little miss isn’t old enough for daycare yet. I feel so useless :frowning:

Anyway, does anyone know of any companies that are hiring? We will move almost anywhere, providing the job is good enough. We can’t go on much longer before we will start really pissing off some creditors (hello bankruptcy!).