From Phones to Satellite Radios...

You guys were great on the phone iinfo you provided, thanks :slight_smile:

Now, my dh’s bday is coming up in about three weeks. Been thinking about getting him a satellite radio because his beloved country station in NYC went away a couple years ago and he still is in mourning :rolleyes:

I perused the ads today and found Circuit City had a system for $130 ($9.99/month fee) for the basic set up. I want to get him a car set up first and maybe later a home set up. But it’s in his truck that he listens to the most music.

Has anyone experienced this type of system?

A few years back, when the station changed formats, I went to a local stereo installation/sales place I trusted and asked to install a CD in his truck. They can’t do that they said because his truck doesn’t have the right set up or wires or some goofy thing which made no sense to me.

I’m concerned about this w/the satellite too … I guess I can always take it back but what a bummer that would be.

Opinions gladly accepted :smiley:

There’s been a couple of threads about this already, so a search should bring them up. I don’t have any experience with them (though I’m planning on getting one sooner or later), but from everything that I’ve read, it looks like XM’s the way to go (which is a shame since NPR’s on Sirius). Also, IIRC, you should be able to buy a car mount kit that converts the signal from the XM receiver into an FM signal that can be picked up by the FM radio in the car, so installing it shouldn’t be a problem.