Greater Toronto Area dopers: Satellite Radio?

I do a lot of driving in my work and personal life. It is not uncommon for me drive 1500 km a week. So I am considering getting satellite radio, my first thought is Sirius (mainly because they have the NFL, and I can already listen to the leafs on local radio), but I have a couple questions:

  1. Is there much interference from regular radio?
  2. Can you switch back and forth to satellite and local radio?
  3. Hi Opal! (I just wanted to put this in, see I had never actually seen a post by this Opal person until recently and I always thought she was a mythical poster)
  4. Installation - how does it work? Where does it get the power? Do you use a radio frequency that isn’t other wise used?

That is it for now, thanks for the info all!

No experience with Toronto, but I had a Sirius equipped car in Vancouver a couple of weeks ago.
It worked perfectly, no problems.
Switching between FM and SAT was one push of the button.
Sirius Rocks.

Oh, I forgot to answer question #4
Mine was a factory installation. Aftermarket installations get their power from different places. Generally either a hardwire installation, or a 12V power socket. (cig lighter). It would depend on the unit you choose.

I have an older model serius sportster which has the fm transmitter, instead of the factory install indash. If I have the antenna on the roof , almost no interference from local fm stations, but if the antenna is inside the car on my dash, i do get some bleed through.

This is part of ansewer number four ,but you are going to have a radio preset on your carstereo just for the freq that the Sat is using, switching is simply a matter of changing the dial.

Several installs depending on how you want your system configured. Mine is the older model so i have to keep it on the dash and it comes with a holster that has a suction cup that attaches to the window. Right now i have to find a way of cleaning the suction cup as it has a tendency to separate from the windshield at inopportune moments.

They will have a cigarette lighter adapter and the fm transmitter just simply broadcasts and your normal stereo recieves, or if your stereo has a aux input then its even simpler.

Um as for the last , southern ontario has a full fm radio spectrum so your not going to find a lot of free space, so its going to be a matter of experimenting with presets to find the best available.


I heard on the news yesterday that Sirrius and XM are planning a merger - so you won’t have to make that choice if the deal goes thru.

Yeah, but even if it is accepted it won’t happen for a long time.

Thanks for the answers so far.