From the back of the house, came a mighty crash...

At first I thought my son had fallen, or knocked something down. But we met up with eachother in the hallway, as we were trying to locate the source of the crash.

In the utility/laundry room, the free-standing shelf above the washer and dryer was rocking back and forth. And it was empty.
The heavy stuff, like the box of tools, iron, and the replacement bathroom faucet that still hasn’t replace anything after being purchased several months ago, all fell forward onto the floor.

The soft fluffy things, like the stack of rugs, cleaning towels, and cat. went behind the washer and dryer.
I wouldn’t have known they were back there, if one of those things hadn’t been making a hell of a racket trying to climb up the back of the washing machine.
When I looked over the back of the washer, I still couldn’t see him, because he was underneath everything else. I just saw the stack of towels rising half way up, then dropping with a thud, and much kitty cussing. I was able to reach most of the stuff ontop of him, but I couldn’t reach him. One end is blocked by the water heater, and the other end is blocked by a desk. But the desk end has about 6" between it and the washer. I reached in as far as I could, and tried to coax him out that way. It took almost 30 mins. It may have taken less time if my loud laughter hadn’t been freaking him out even more. :smiley:

Silly kitty! Did he give you that look that says, “I meant to do that.”? Cats are so good at that, but it sounds like poor kitty didn’t have any hope of looking dignified after that.

I laughed, too. Don’t tell the cat!

It’s also a tad difficult to look dignified when you jump up on top of a trash can only to abruptly discover it has a swinging lid. Whump! (Which would be the sound kitty makes when she hits the bottom of the can.)

I laughed too.

:stuck_out_tongue: Thank you for making me smile about a “cat thing”. I really needed it just now.


Awww, glad I could help Snowboarder Bo.

I bet it was ghost that scared the cat.

Dammit! I thought I got rid of those things. That’s the last time I order a house cleansing spell over the internet.

Yeah, you have to be careful with those internet spells.

But I love the “I meant to do that” cat faces.

About 2 or 3 this morning there was a loud crash.
My husband jumped out of bed, grabbed his cue stick and was blinding me with the bedroom light before I knew what was happening.

Turns out his cat had jumped into her favorite chair…and broke it.
I saw the remnants this morning. :stuck_out_tongue:

In the middle of the night, came a mighty cursing…
We used to have a single fish in a large brandy snifter, sitting on the dining room table. The cat loved to sit next to it, watching the fish.

One night, my SO wandered to the kitchen to get a glass of water. I awoke to “ARRGGGHHH” echoing down the hall.
I call out “Are you ok?”
“Yes” I hear, “but I stepped on a fish.”
In my sleepy state I reply “Was it alive?”
“I don’t know, but it’s not now!”
We never did figure out if the cat had killed the fish first, or left it as a live trap.

From the kitchen, came a mighty splashing…

Luna had tried to leap up onto the counter, miscalculated, and landed on her back in her water bowl. From the concerned kitty-parents who came running at the commotion, came a mighty laughing…